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Welcome to the Carlong world of quality educational and cultural publications and service.

We publish, market and distribute school books that support Caribbean curricula at the early childhood, primary and secondary levels. Our carefully crafted texts and books for general reading provide essential teaching aids and learning support for the student. Parents too, are encouraged to monitor their children's progress through our curriculum based texts and assessment series.

In addition to developing its own publications under the Carlong imprint, Carlong also provides exclusive marketing and distribution services in Jamaica for textbooks and supplementary readers published under the Longman, Ladybird and Penguin imprints of the Pearson Education group - EMA Division.

Our roots are Jamaican but our reach extends throughout the Eastern Caribbean and to the wider global community.

For over 20 years Carlong has been developing textbooks based on Caribbean school curricula and reflecting Caribbean culture and traditions. Carlong's textbooks are widely adopted and recommended by Ministries of Education and schools across the region. Our secondary titles are well represented on the Caribbean Examination Council's (CXC) official reading list for various subjects.

The Carlong brand is well known and highly respected in schools, libraries, bookshops and homes across Jamaica and in other Caribbean Islands. The range of students' texts, activity books, teachers' guides and general reading books, are distinguished by their careful planning, relevant content, sound pedagogy and creative appeal.

Carlong is ever conscious of its role as a cultural agency, with a mission to record and transmit Jamaican and Caribbean culture and traditions. Carlong's books are therefore grounded in the Jamaican and the wider Caribbean's physical and cultural environment and focused on the children's needs, interests and experiences.

Carlong cherishes its role in the development of the human resources of the Caribbean region. We respect the knowledge and creativity of our Caribbean people and are committed to building and expanding the region's skills bank of book industry expertise.

We are constantly on the lookout for new talent and have helped to hone the skills of a growing cadre of authors who are Caribbean teachers, educators and creative writers. We recruit, train and commission copy editors, designers, illustrators, type compositors, reviewers and a host of other industry professionals.

Carlong cultivates and values the support of all our partners in the education process
Ministries of Education, Teachers, Educators, Students, Librarians, Booksellers, Parents, Authors, Private Sector Organizations and Development Agencies.

As partners with Ministries of Education in the education of Caribbean children, Carlong undertakes careful study of regional curricula in various subjects, and keeps up to date with pedagogical research and practice. We maintain ongoing dialogue with educational officials, curriculum specialists, teachers and students to ensure that our books meet the requirements of all stakeholders.

In addition to our own publishing programme, Carlong provides exclusive marketing and distribution services in Jamaica for textbooks and supplementary readers published under the Longman, Ladybird and Penguin imprints of the Pearson Education Group - EMA Division. The curriculum relevance and quality of these publications has made them market leaders over many decades.

Carlong is especially committed to supporting the reading habit and literacy development. We believe that a reading people is an informed, confident, creative and productive people; the kind of people we want to nurture in Caribbean societies. As partners in the education process we support that vision through active participation in various reading and literacy initiatives and through the donation of thousands of books annually to schools, libraries, reading resource centres, community and other organizations.

As a pioneering indigenous Caribbean publishing company with a strong commitment to national and regional development, Carlong has given dynamic leadership to the development of the book industry in the region, through organizations such as: the (BIAJ) Book Industry Association of Jamaica, the Book Industry Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BIATT), the Caribbean Publishers Network (CAPNET) and the Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency (JAMCOPY).

Carlong's role as partners in the education process, is defined by quality publications with curriculum and cultural relevance; marketed and distributed with care, and quilty service; delivered with pride as good corporate citizens and industry leaders.