Finance, Accounting and Administration Team From left:

S.Moodie, P.Edwards, G. Burton, C.Carby, D.Francis, E.McDonald, M.Graham, J.Irvine, A.Dixon, S.Lawrence

The administrative nerve centre of our Carlong operations is managed by Financial Controller Esther McDonald from offices at 37 Second Street, Newport West. Her team provides vital financial, administrative and operational services to all internal departments. Major supply contracts with Ministries of Education, as well as with goods and service providers, are also managed by this department. Our Internal Audit Unit led by Camelle Ricketts Moore evaluates business processes and recommends improvements to add value.

Human Resources and Administration Team From left:

V.Linton, R.Gordon, D.Phillips, D.Burke, K.Wilson, S.Carby, E.Young, F.Fender, J.Ewart, S.Hermitt, C.Carby

Internal Audit TeamFrom left:

J.Carby, C.Ricketts-Moore, P.Lyons