Partners in the education process is Carlong's vision of its role in enabling Caribbean children to realize their full educational potential.

Carlong recognizes that, if learning is to be effective and literacy development enhanced, our Caribbean children must have a clear sense of their identity and develop cultural confidence. That is why the Carlong books are all grounded in the Caribbean's physical and cultural environment, and focused on the children's needs, interests and experiences.

From its inception, Carlong has been conscious of its role as a cultural agency, with a mission to record and disseminate Jamaican and Caribbean culture and traditions. Carlong is conscious too, of its role in aiding literacy development and making every Caribbean child a successful reader.

We work with other stakeholders, in keeping with the policies and programmes of the Jamaica Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture (MOEYC) and other Ministries of Education in the region, to develop curriculum-relevant and literacy-enhancing books to support the quality of teaching and learning.

Together we partner with Pearson Education Ltd. in the delivery of educational programmes and services, and the distribution of the Longman, Ladybird and Penguin range of textbooks and general reading material, to the Ministry of Education Youth and Culture, schools, colleges, libraries, booksellers, community and other organizations in Jamaica and other islands of the Caribbean.

To ensure that a constant and adequate supply of reading materials are available to our children, especially at the earliest levels of literacy, Carlong singles out Basic schools and other early childhood learning centres for special attention. Carlong presents a biennial donation of thousands of books to 50 Basic schools across the island, selected on the basis of need. Demand for books far exceeds available supply in the Jamaica Library Service, especially for children's books. Carlong therefore singles out the Jamaica Library Service as a beneficiary of substantial donations of books for children and adults.

Through our Reading Resource Collection, Carlong provides our customers with a showroom collection of books in a comfortable environment, located at our 17 Ruthven Road location. Together with our education partners, Carlong creates and participates in literacy enhancement programmes and book display opportunities. To excite and encourage interest in the reading habit, Carlong also serves as a major sponsor of relevant special events, providing book donations, trophies and other awards.