Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Limited has entered a new era in its history, as its founding directors have retired from Executive Management and have passed the mantle to a new generation. 

The new Executive Management Team comprises Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lorna Allen(second left), General Managers Jason Carby (second right) and Candice Carby (leftmost), and Executive Assistant Juliet Green (rightmost).


Lorna directly oversees Carlong Executive Teamthe Finance and Accounting, and Publishing Departments located at 17 Ruthven Road, Kingston 10. Candice has assumed responsibility for the Marketing, Human Resources and Information Technology Departments, also located at 17 Ruthven Road; while Jason oversees the Distribution Logistics and Facilities and Operations Departments from the office at 37 Second Street, Newport West. 

The Carlong team remains strongly committed to the development of quality multimedia learning materials that are contextually relevant, and responsive to the requirements of curricula and examinations across the Caribbean region.

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