Carlong Publishers has impressed local and regional markets with its upgraded web 3.0 website launched on January 19, 2018. The website features increased interactivity, easier navigation and free online teaching and learning tools for students and mature learners. 

Carlong launched its first website in 2003 to expand its market reach to parents, teachers and members of the diaspora in Canada, the US and the UK. The website displayed Carlong’s publications and offered specialized services such as downloadable student resources and access to teacher’s guides.

Carlong Website Upgrade Launch

The website’s facelift is reflective of Carlong’s continued expansion into the digital education space, and it also enables users to better explore the quality educational products and services the company offers. Most importantly, the site hosts Carlong’s user-friendly “Learning Portal” where students at the early childhood, primary and secondary levels can access free interactive activities, spanning all subject areas, that supplement Carlong’s textbooks. The portal is equally accessible to parents and teachers for use as a virtual teaching tool at home and in the classroom.

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The site also features the latest publications from Carlong, an interactive digital version of Carlong’s 2018-2019 catalogue, display of all current Carlong publications, social media integration and vibrant graphics complimenting an attractive interface. As the Caribbean’s largest book publisher, and a leader in the region’s education industry, Carlong believes it is better positioned to serve its customers and users with an upgraded website that effectively competes with international publishers and major players in the education industry.

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