English SBA for CSECÒ  – A Student’s Guide gives students of CSEC® English A and B the best chance of producing an excellent School-Based Assessment (SBA)! This student-friendly handbook methodically coaches and guides students through the various stages of preparation, research, development and final output for this new component of CSEC® English A & B.

The SBA contributes significantly to the final marks for CSEC® English candidates and therefore must be executed well. The Portfolio, which includes all the components of the SBA, is worth 21% of the marks for both English A and English B.


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English SBA for CSECÒ  is organized into 3 sections, each offering English SBA for CSECextremely useful information relevant to the components of the SBA:

·  Section A: Gives an overview of the preparation process for the SBA and explains the Portfolio and marks allotted to each section.

·  Section B: Provides details on executing the SBA including, themes, groups, writing reports, the oral presentation and self-analysis of group participation.


·  Section C: Focuses on the alternative paper, Paper 032, providing an overview of, and tips to prepare for, the examination; sample poems, articles and songs for analysis and THREE sample Test Papers.



The Authors

Keith Noel, Sheilah Garcia-Bisnott and Carol Hunter-Clarke are experienced educators who have been senior examiners at the highest level. They are also authors of Carlong English B for CSEC® With Study Guide & Exercises – 3rd edition and Carlong English B Paper 1 for CSEC®.


English SBA for CSECÒ  – A Student’s Guide is available for purchase at Sangster’s Book Stores and other leading bookstores in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries.