Carlong now has a suite of textbooks specifically for the CSEC® English B examination! Carlong English B Paper 1 for CSEC® is one of three brand-new books in the suite and undisputedly serves as the ideal practice tool for achieving success in the new multiple-choice format of the CSEC® English B Paper 1 examination.

This new text includes thorough discussion of sample poetry, drama and prose pieces, much like those on the actual examination, and sample multiple-choice questions, along with their correct answers. What’s special about Carlong English B Paper 1 for CSEC® is that it not only gives students the correct answers to some sample questions, but also tips on how to arrive at acceptable answers! Two full-length papers simulating the English B Paper 1 examination are also included for effective practice. Each paper consists of six pieces of literature, each with 10 questions – a total of sixty questions. 

The sample examination papers will also be presented online in our Learning Portal. The papers will be interactive, so students will benefit from immediate feedback.


The Authors: 

Keith Noel, Sheilah Garcia-Bisnott and Carol Hunter-Clarke are experienced educators who have been senior examiners at the highest level. They are also authors of Carlong English B for CSEC® With Study Guide & Exercises – 3rd edition and the groundbreaking handbook Carlong English SBA for CSEC® – A Student’s Guide.


Carlong English B Paper 1 for CSEC® is available for purchase at Sangster’s Book Stores and other leading bookstores in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries.