Let’s Learn to Write – Cursive, Carlong’s new workbook for early childhood students, is expertly designed for the practice of precise cursive writing techniques at home and in the classroom. Crafted at a child-friendly size, this workbook prepares children ages 6-7 years to develop and improve their cursive writing skills.  

Let's Learn to Write - CursiveAccording to recent studies, handwriting is closely linked to cognitive growth in children. Writing letters helps children to memorize letters and later successfully identify those letters and even words. Dr. William Klemm, senior professor of Neuroscience at Texas A&M University, stated that “writing helps train the brain to integrate visual, and tactile information, and fine motor dexterity”. This simply means that the brain connects and weaves together what the child sees, touches and does.

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Let’s Learn to Write – Cursive is engaging and provides unlimited practice on reusable dry-erase paper inserts. It also includes introductory activities surrounding the four basic curves used in cursive writing: strokes that curve up; strokes that curve down; strokes that curve over; slant strokes; as well as loops and curves. 

Let's Learn to Write - Cursive


The Author 

Janet P. Lewis is an early childhood professional with years of teaching, lecturing and administrative experience in her  field. She is currently the director of the Early Childhood Education Centre at the Mico University College.

Let’s Learn to Write – Cursive is available for purchase at Sangster’s Book Stores in Jamaica, and at leading bookstores in other Caribbean countries. For more updates on book availability, follow us on social media.






Let's Learn to Write - Cursive