The Bintah series has welcomed a new book: Bintah and the Hungry Giants!

In this new storybook for children ages 3 to 7 years, Bintah, the girl turtle, and her friends set out on a relaxing day of sailing that turns into an adventure they would have never imagined, on an island inhabited by giants.

Like the others in the series, the Bintah and the Hungry Giants package comes with a storybook/reader, a fun book and a poster. Also included in this package is a game mat.   


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The Bintah and the Hungry Giants storybook features colourful illustrations and introduces topics such as friends, transportation, weather, bodies of water, and foods from plants. At the end of the book is a Words List with some of the main words used in the story. The accompanying funbook is filled with enjoyable activities that teach and reinforce children’s knowledge of weather and transportation, while improving their comprehension skills. The exciting game mat adopts scenarios from the Bintah and the Hungry Giants storybook, and players will have fun as they try to leave the land of the giants.



How Teachers/Parents Can Use the Bintah Books

Teachers and parents can read the storybooks to children 3 to 4 years old. Children 5 to 7 years old can participate in the reading in class and at home.  The books address themes present in various curricula and are therefore relevant to several age groups.






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The Authors:

Ihenyen Ejodame is part Jamaican, part Nigerian and works in the tourism industry in BintahJamaica and the USA.

Richard Paisley is an experienced Jamaican illustrator and designer who has also published books.

Donna Werdenie, a graduate of Shortwood Teacher’s College, has taught for over 14 years.


Bintah and the Hungry Giants is available for purchase at Sangster’s Book Stores and other leading bookstores in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries.