Carlong has revised the First Steps in Science (FSIS) and Carlong Primary Social Studies (CPSS) series to supply the demand for these publications in time for the back-to-school season. 

The revised editions of First Steps in Science, now titled Carlong First Steps in Science, compile the former Activity and Pupil’s books for each level into one publication doubling as a core text and workbook for primary school students in grades 4 to 6. FSIS Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 meet the new requirements of the National Standards Curriculum and employ a practical, investigative approach to the teaching of science. These texts will engage the students through numerous real-life activities, improving their exploratory and critical thinking skills. 


The Carlong Primary Social Studies series has also been revised to suit the criteria of the National Standards Curriculum and includes a wide range of challenging and engaging stimuli, such as maps, graphs, photographs and puzzles, to foster the learning of relevant social studies concepts and skills. 

Due to these revisions, the following editions are now out-of-print: 

First Steps in Science Pupil's Book: Year 4

First Steps in Science Pupil's Book: Year 6

Carlong Primary Social Studies - Year 4: Jamaica Island Nation


FSIS Year 4 and Year 6 and CPSS Year 4 are now available for purchase at Sangster’s Book Stores and other leading bookstores. 

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