Publishing Department

Publishing Manager

The Publishing Manager is responsible for providing effective leadership and efficient management of the personnel and operations of the publishing department in order to develop pedagogically sound, market competitive multi-media publications for Caribbean students and teachers in accordance with curricula and syllabuses issued by education authorities and examination bodies.

Commissioning Editor

The Commissioning Editor evaluates markets and exploits publishing opportunities to develop and maintain Carlong’s publishing programme to an appropriate standard of quality, liaising with and directing internal and external resources accordingly. The Commissioning Editor undertakes all the responsibilities and supplies all the services usually required of a Commissioning Editor.

Educational Technologist

The Educational Technologist is responsible for strategic planning, developing, implementing and evaluating Carlong’s electronic publishing programme. This programme includes developing technology-based instructional materials and products for both the forward publishing programme as well as redesigning existing publications on the backlist.

Senior Editor

Reporting to the Publisher, the Senior Editor assists with the assessment of manuscripts or book concepts for their publishing potential; works to ensure that educational materials produced by the publishing department are accurate and error free and satisfy the needs of the target users and the requirements of the curriculum/syllabus. The Senior Editor’s responsibility also involves editing and proofreading materials that are being developed for publication.

Copy Editor

The Copy Editor’s responsibility is to edit and proofread publications that are being developed. The aim is to produce educational materials that are accurate and error free and that satisfy the needs of the target users and the requirements of the curriculum/syllabus.

Programmer/Multimedia Designer

The Programmer/Multimedia Designer is responsible for working with the Educational Technologist and other creative specialists to understand the design concept of educational materials being developed and advising on how it can be implemented technically within constraints.

Digital Content Coordinator

The Digital Content Coordinator will work closely with the Publishing Manager to conceptualize, develop and implement strategies for the creation and dissemination of interactive digital products.

Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer produces visual solutions to the company’s products, using a mix of creative skills and commercial awareness. The responsibilities of the Graphic Designer include the layout and design of print books as well as e-books including the programming of DVD inserts.

Production Services Executive

The Production Services Executive (PSE) will work with the Digital Content Coordinator and Programmer/Multimedia Developer to provide assets for the creation and development of digital products.


The Illustrator is responsible for creating original and stimulating illustrations for the textbooks and children’s books published by the department. In addition, the Illustrator/Animator will assist the Senior Designer in designing books and other graphic materials generated by the publishing and marketing departments.

Production Controller

The Production Controller is responsible for ensuring that all projects are completed within a specified time frame within budget. The Production Controller is also responsible for quality assurance of all products, both new and reprints.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing the Publishing Manager, the Publisher, the Senior Designer, Production Controller, Editors and other members of the team with administrative support including the organization and execution of the daily activities within the Department.


Executive, Marketing,
Publishing and HR
Building 3, 17 Ruthven Road,
Kingston 10, Jamaica, W.I.

Distribution Centre
38 First Street, Newport West,
Kingston 13, Jamaica, W.I.

Finance & Accounting
and Facilities & Operations
37 Second Street, Newport West,
Kingston 13, Jamaica, W.I.

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Executive, Marketing,
Publishing and HR

Tel: (876) 960 9364-6 or 920-9972
Fax: (876) 968-1353

Distribution Centre
Tel: (876) 923-6505-7
Fax: (876) 923-7003

Finance & Accounting
and Facilities & Operations

Tel: (876) 923-6505-7, (876) 923-7008
Fax: (876) 923-7003


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