Creating a Nation: Jamaica

Creating a Nation: Jamaica

Level: Secondary

Series Title: General

Subject: History

ISBN: 978 976 638 011 3

Pages: 236

Age Group: 11 - 13 years

Published: 2000

This modern social history of Jamaica for the junior secondary level is based on the National History Curriculum developed by the Jamaica History Teachers Association. Using a concept-based thematic approach rather than a purely chronological approach, the text traces the social history of Jamaica from the arrival of the Tainos to Independence.

Special emphasis is placed on concepts important to the historian as well as research methods for collecting historical data. There is a rich variety of source materials, visual stimuli as well as student-centred activities to develop investigative and analytical skills.


June Cezair Wallace
taught history at the secondary level for several years. She was the chairperson of the committee of the Jamaica History Teachers' Association that developed the National History Curriculum. She is a former CXC History examiner as well as a former president of the History Teachers' Association and the Jamaica Historical Society.
Gloria V. Robinson
, PhD - former Education Officer at the MOE, Jamaica.

Key Features

  • A variety of source materials
  • Student-centred activities which develop investigative and analytical skills.

Look out For:

  • Visual stimuli such as illustrations, maps and photographs to reinforce text.
  • Illustrations, maps and photographs