Let Us Sing: Hymns, Songs and Choruses for Caribbean Schools

Let Us Sing: Hymns, Songs and Choruses for Caribbean Schools

Level: General

Series Title: General

Subject: Music

ISBN: 978 976 638 046 5

Pages: 208

Age Group: 8 - 18 years

Published: 2001

A refreshing new collection of over 100 hymns, songs and choruses, whose appeal extends far beyond the targeted school audience to worship sessions in any religious gathering or for personal worship. Caribbean favourites, with their own unique rhythms such as reggae, calypso and mento, are blended with traditional European and American hymns and African-American spirituals. Selections were chosen for theological as well as musical value and cover a wide denominational base. The musical score for the melody line and chord patterns are included to ensure that everyone can sing every song in the collection. Let us sing to the glory of God!


Godfrey Taylor
ccomplished church musician and former music director at Providence Methodist Church, Kingston, Jamaica. He has been a church organist since 1973 and has taught music for a number of years. He plays a variety of instruments.
Revd Claudette Campbell
Deacon of the Methodist Church in Jamaica specializing in Christian Education and youth ministries.
Dolores Flemming
former music teacher at St Jago High School, Jamaica. She was among the first batch of teachers to be trained for CSEC Music.

Key Features

  • Selections are arranged according to themes such as Praise, Thanksgiving, Christian Living, Faith and Reassurance
  • Inclusion of musical score for the melody line and chord patterns
  • Inclusion of many Caribbean favourites by some of the best known Caribbean composers of religious music:
    Fr. Richard HoLung, Noel Dexter, Patrick Prescod
  • An Index helps the user to locate specific pieces

Look out For:

  • Delightful black and white line illustrations


Patricia Joseph
Dear Publisher, I am very impressed with the publication of your book ’Let Us Sing:Hymns,Songs and Choruses for Caribbean Schools.I’ll be very grateful if you can send me a sample copy for the edification of the church. With Thanks, Sister_Pat
Latoya Haynes-Williams
not really a feedback, i would like a sample of the Let Us Sing hymns, songs and choruses
Come, let’s learn how to sing.