Certificate Management of Homes and Families - Second Edition

Certificate Management of Homes and Families - Second Edition

Level: Secondary

Series Title: General

Subject: Home Economics

ISBN: 978 976 801 059 9

Pages: 244

Age Group: 3 - 4 years

Published: 1994

The second edition of this pioneering home economics management course provides complete coverage of the topics in the CSEC syllabus. It is also a useful resource text for students doing home economics courses in vocational training or for assisting homemakers to manage their homes on a day-to-day basis.   The course appears on MOE's approved textbook lists in several Caribbean countries.


Thelma Stewart
PhD - distinguished home economics educator who retired as Acting Chief Education Officer with the MOE, Jamaica. She has written extensively on home economics and family life education and was involved in the development of early regional syllabuses in the subjects.

Key Features

  • Stimulates individual readers to examine and improve their management skills
  • Helps to evaluate and further explain the impact of those management skills upon individuals and families
  • Provides information and understanding which will assist students in their day-to-day activities and help in their preparation for examinations in management
  • Includes questions at the end of each unit which should assist students in reading selectively for breadth of knowledge and depth of perception

Look out For:

  • A variety of examples from real-life situations
  • Lively illustrations
  • Questions at the end of each unit