Living And Sharing With Others

Living And Sharing With Others

Level: Primary

Series Title: Carlong Primary Integrated Studies (CPIS)

Subject: Integrated Studies

ISBN: 978 976 638 075 5

Pages: 192 approx.

Age Group: 8 - 9 years

Published: 2005

Living And Sharing With Others is the second of five books in the Carlong Primary Integrated Studies for Year 3. The Year 3 books play a fundamental role at the primary level in preparing the pupils for the upper primary level. Each activity-oriented textbook will help to prepare pupils for the demands of the discrete subject approach (Grades 4-6). The activities are lively, practical, challenging and generate an enthusiasm for learning through group work, puzzles, games and the Arts.

Central themes within the book:

  • (FQ 1) Basic needs and other needs. Basic needs = water, shelter, food, clothing and air. Other needs = love, friendship, respect and safety (are a few examples). Pupils are also taught the difference between the two e.g. things that we can live without and things that we cannot live without. Also wants (as opposed to needs) are also dealt with e.g. toys, cell phone etc.
  • (FQ 2) Satisfying other needs is also a key topic. Here needs such as worship (prayer and different religions), safety/security, friendship, health, creativity, love and respect are explored further.
  • (FQ 3) Does satisfying other needs make a difference to life. This section not only focuses on the individual but also on the wider community, nation and the world. Other needs and values such as respect, love, peace, non-violence and right action do make a difference to the way we all live (in school, at home and in the wider community).


Vilma McClenan
was Coordinator of the UWI Distance Education Centre (UWIDEC), Mona, for many years. She is a distinguished science educator, who in 2000 was awarded the Silver Musgrave Medal from the Institute of Jamaica for Science and Technology Education. She is also the main author of the landmark First Steps in Science (FSIS) series.
Bernetta Porter
former Senior Education Officer in the MOE, Jamaica and has been the Training Officer for the Primary Education Support Project (PESP). She has also served as Assistant Coordinator of the NAP.
Sharon Neil
taught English as Principal Lecturer at the tertiary level. She is a Senior Education Officer in the MOE, Jamaica where she has served on the Primary Education Implementation Project (PEIP) and on the NAP.
Phyllis Reynolds
a distinguished educator who has worked as both teacher and administrator. She is a former Assistant Chief Education Officer for Curriculum in Jamaica.
Marjorie Edwards-Bailey
a primary school principal in Jamaica and an experienced teacher. She is a resource teacher for the MOE, Jamaica.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of all the Focus Questions, Objectives and Attainment Targets of the Revised Primary Curriculum (RPC)
  • Concepts taught in a completely integrated way
  • Foundation for upper primary (Grades 4-6)
  • Pupils develop critical-thinking, problem-solving and science process skills
  • Assessment Tasks interwoven throughout the books, and at the end of each Focus Question
  • Teacher/Parent Help pages involve parents and guardians
  • Attractive photos and illustrations to aid the learning process