Carlong Primary Social Studies - Year 4: Jamaica: Island Nation

Carlong Primary Social Studies - Year 4: Jamaica: Island Nation

Level: Primary

Series Title: Carlong Primary Social Studies (CPSS)

Subject: Social Studies

ISBN: 978 976 638 068 7

Pages: 312

Age Group: 8 - 10 years

Published: 2005

It is a revision of the popular Book 4A: The Parishes of Jamaica and Book 4B: Our Island Nation in the Carlong Primary Social Studies series.


Wintlett Taylor-Browne
experienced educator who taught social studies at the high school and college levels.
Pansy Robinson
experienced educator of social studies programmes for teachers at all levels of the educational system. She served for some time as Education Officer for Social Studies in the MOE, Jamaica.

Key Features

  • Covers all the curriculum topics in sequence
  • Focuses heavily on the integration of skills and knowledge across the curriculum while utilizing the multiple intelligences
  • Motivates students to:
    • develop critical-thinking and research skills;
    • cultivate positive attitudes at home and at school
    • think about and express their ideas on important issues
    • organize and manage their own learning process
  • Highlights learning objectives and Key Words and Concepts at the start of each unit to focus learning
  • Facilitates vocabulary development in context through alphabetized Glossary/Index
  • Encourages students to use technological and other skills to enrich their Social Studies experience in Yes! I Can Do This! feature
  • Offers additional information to extend the students? horizons through Did You Know?
  • Encourages students to apply knowledge gained to practical, everyday issues, through discussion in Let's Talk
  • Provides a variety of assessment modes as well as opportunities for individual, pair and group work in Unit Assessments and Activities
  • Supports learning through up-to-date statistics provided in numerous tables and graphs
  • Stimulates interest through fresh photographs, accurate diagrams and well-executed line drawings, several of which inject humour as well


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