Jenny and the General

Jenny and the General

Level: Primary| General

Series Title: Sand Pebbles Pleasure Series (SPPS)

Subject: Literature

ISBN: 978 976 638 076 2

Pages: 60

Age Group: 8 - 10 years

Published: 2006


Jean D'Costa
is well known to the school community through her novels for older children, in particular Sprat Morrison and Escape to Last Man Peak. Her stories have been used in classrooms throughout the region to stimulate the love of reading in several generations of children. A former teacher and university lecturer, in 1994, she was awarded a Silver Musgrave Medal from the prestigious Institute of Jamaica for her work in children's fiction and in linguistics.

Key Features

  • This story aptly illustrates the bonds of love and loyalty that can develop between a dog and its owner. It can help children develop a positive attitude to their pets, and it cautions them to be wary of strangers.
  • This is an excellent transition book for young readers as the story is divided into chapters which can help to develop the skills of the more mature readers. At the same time, each chapter division is identified by an attractive illustration which helps to retain the picture book appearance with which younger children are familiar.
  • The story's setting is contemporary, and the environment and the characters are typically Caribbean. Children will readily relate to the teachers from Jenny's school and Jenny's friends. Her mother is a nurse. The illustrations show the mixed range of physical features which characterize our people.
  • Although the story deals with a potentially dangerous situation for the young girl, humorous moments prevent the story from becoming sombre. Numerous lively illustrations add visual appeal to the story.

Notes To Teachers:

Jenny and the General would be an excellent addition to a classroom library.

The book models story-writing techniques for young students.

  • Descriptive writing - - Jean D'Costa's writing style is simple enough for the children to understand, but it starts them on the journey to appreciate good creative writing. e.g. page 1 The four o'clock sun shone gold across the porch. It gleamed on the empty water dish by Monty's side. Honey-gold light filled the quiet afternoon. The black and gold Alsatian dog seemed half-asleep. It was a warm, lazy afternoon.
  • Character development The story is told mostly through the point of view of the dog and, as his journey progresses, the reader learns about the character from puppy days to the present.
  • Use of dialogue to reveal character pages 38 - 39. Through the kidnapper's manner of speaking as well as what she says the reader can infer that she is insane.
  • Dramatic scenes pages 42 - 43 which is the confrontation scene between Monty and the kidnapper.
  • The story can be used to develop communication skills and research techniques. Example, Monty is an Alsatian dog this could spark research, oral and written, into breeds of dogs; caring for pets and the special characteristics which some pets can display.
  • The plot, though simple, moves at a quick pace and will encourage the desire to read. The story lends itself to dramatic oral reading.
  • The story can be used to illustrate the importance of community spirit. Although it is the dog who rescues Jenny, her community comes out to support her parents in their time of stress and helps them to rejoice at her safe return.


I have read the book over and over for myself and for my Kids. The story really depicts true friendship and loyalty. Great work!! Carlong Publishers have copies for sale.
Earl Blake
I need to get a copy of this book urgently . I have checked all bookstores in Mandeville and two in Kingston but they are out of stock.Where can it be located? Thanks
This book sound like on intresting bookI would love to get a read of it. Can you please tell me how i can get a copy of this book an its price. My email address is Thank you
Sheldon Smith
This book was awesome . I bought it to do an assignment for a Children’s Lit course at the UWI. The cost is only $295 JMD. HATS OFF TO Jean D’Costa !!! The illustrations were perfect and relevant, it takes the reader to the scene.