Carlong Communication Tasks: An Integrated Approach

Carlong Communication Tasks: An Integrated Approach

Level: Primary

Series Title: Carlong Integrated Practice Tests

Subject: Language Arts

ISBN: 978 976 638 088 5

Pages: 184

Age Group: 10 - 12 years

Published: 2007

The authors start in Unit 1 by revising the basic skills necessary to perform well in the exam punctuation, sentences, paragraphing and composition skills. In Unit 2, they focus on areas that pose particular problems for some students, such as confusion between Jamaican Creole and Standard English and sequencing. In Unit 3, the students are given a wide range of activities to practise their communication skills: many different types of forms, advertisements, crossword puzzles, analysing tables and charts, for example. Unit 4 consists of 10 simulated GSAT Communication Tasks.

Key Features

  • Integrated exercises draw on content taught in Social Studies, Science and other subject areas
  • Extensive range of exercises suitable for students of varying abilities and interests
  • Reinforces basics in clear language that is appropriate for the age level. Weaker students will be able to use this book to improve their abilities, while stronger students will get the necessary practice as they prepare for the examination.
  • Offers carefully structured units that focus on building skills from the basics of sentence construction to composition writing

Look out For:

  • 10 Test Papers for timed practice
  • Ruled spaces for practice exercises

Additional Comments

This book goes beyond being a mere workbook, as there is a strong teaching component to it. In very accessible language, the writers recap what students have already learned before presenting them with the exercises. It is also highly integrated, incorporating elements of the Science and Social Studies curriculum (Grades 4-6), among other subjects. It is not a core text and should be used alongside core Language Arts texts, but it will help provide students with the skills and abilities that will be required of them, not just at the GSAT level, but eventually at the secondary school level.