Sharing and Providing Goods and Services

Sharing and Providing Goods and Services

Level: Primary

Series Title: Carlong Primary Integrated Studies (CPIS)

Subject: Integrated Studies

ISBN: 978 976 638 077 9

Pages: 226

Age Group: 8 - 9 years

Published: 2007

Carlong has pioneered the development of a comprehensive range of activity-oriented textbooks for Jamaica's new, completely integrated curriculum for the first three years of primary school. The series is organized around the curriculum's focus questions and emphasizes concept formation, content coverage, skills development and vocabulary building.

To ensure comprehensive coverage of the curriculum, there are five books for each year, making a total of fifteen books for three years.

Sharing and Providing Goods and Services is an attractive activity-oriented textbook which generates an enthusiasm for learning through class discussions, group work, games, puzzles, poetry and alternative assessment strategies that have been aligned to the Focus Questions and Attainment Targets of the Revised Primary Curriculum.


Phyllis Reynolds
a distinguished educator who has worked as both teacher and administrator. She is a former Assistant Chief Education Officer for Curriculum in Jamaica.
Bernetta Porter
former Senior Education Officer in the MOE, Jamaica and has been the Training Officer for the Primary Education Support Project (PESP). She has also served as Assistant Coordinator of the NAP.
Vilma McClenan
was Coordinator of the UWI Distance Education Centre (UWIDEC), Mona, for many years. She is a distinguished science educator, who in 2000 was awarded the Silver Musgrave Medal from the Institute of Jamaica for Science and Technology Education. She is also the main author of the landmark First Steps in Science (FSIS) series.
Sharon Neil
taught English as Principal Lecturer at the tertiary level. She is a Senior Education Officer in the MOE, Jamaica where she has served on the Primary Education Implementation Project (PEIP) and on the NAP.
Ena Hughes
former teacher and primary school principal in Jamaica.
Marjorie Edwards-Bailey
a primary school principal in Jamaica and an experienced teacher. She is a resource teacher for the MOE, Jamaica.

Key Features

  • Concepts taught using a completely integrated and student-centred approach
  • Students will develop critical-thinking problem-solving and science process skills as well as positive values, attitudes and habits of mind
  • Activities and content designed to lay the pedagogical foundation for upper primary
  • Attractive and stimulating visuals are an integral part of the learning process

Look out For:

Assessment tasks interwoven throughout as well as at the end of each Focus Question
  • What have you learnt? and Window on Words at the end of each Focus Question summarize the concepts and key words learnt
  • Teacher/Parent Help pages involve parents and guardians in their child's learning process