Fun With Phonics - Playing With Sounds Part 2

Fun With Phonics - Playing With Sounds Part 2

Level: Early Childhood| Primary

Series Title: Fun With Phonics

Subject: Phonics

ISBN: 978 976 801 095 7

Pages: 56

Age Group: 5 - 6 years

Published: 1997

A highly successful, comprehensive course which introduces and builds phonic concepts and skills from beginning sounds to advanced decoding and word usage. Its pupil-centred approach enables pupils (some with the help of parents and teachers) to learn from the self-contained instructions and delightfully illustrated objects. Pupils enjoy the rich variety of stimulating, fun-filled activities including colouring, drawing, writing, as well as riddles, poems, word chests and crossword puzzles.

Playing With Sounds Part 1 and 2 introduce beginners to letter sounds, give practice in handwriting, build sight word vocabulary and develop reading skills.

Consonants enables pupils to recognize and write initial, medial and final consonants, and to associate each letter with its sound(s).

Vowels helps pupils to recognize and associate vowels with their sounds, and to discriminate between long and short vowel sounds.

Consonant Blends facilitates visual and written discrimination of blends and develops dictionary, spelling and vocabulary skills.

The final book, Skill-Building, consolidates the areas covered in the preceding books and develops advanced decoding, word-building and usage skills


Sonia Johnson-Smith
trained early childhood educator with years of experience in teaching at that level of the Jamaican education system.

Look out For:

  • Valuable notes for the teacher at the beginning of the book
  • Assessment exercises
  • Key illustrations identified at the back of the book