Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers: Language Arts

Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers: Language Arts

Level: Primary

Series Title: Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers (CIAP)

Subject: Language Arts

ISBN: 978 976 638 092 2

Pages: 268

Age Group: 8 - 10 years

Published: 2008

This new series of grade-focused assessment material is a revision of the former Carlong Assessment Tests for the first to fourth years.

This series now combines revision of key concepts with integrated assessment exercises of various types. The mental ability material will now be fused into sections called Reasoning in both the CIAP language arts and matematics texts for each year.

Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers Year 4 Language Arts is a revision of Carlong Fourth Year Assessment Papers: English and includes many exercises from that book. The new text revises or teaches key topics, followed by related practice exercises. The book also contains reasoning and problem-solving tests and communication task practice.


Hyacinth Bennett
is a distinguished educator and successful author. She is founder and president of the Hydel Group of Schools in St Catherine, Jamaica.

Key Features

  • Both a teaching and practice text
  • Reflects an integrated approach
  • Contains various testing formats - a change from the rigid multiple choice method
  • Communication tasks included
  • Answers provided for all the tests

Look out For:

  • Communication tasks practice exercises
  • Remember to reinforce concepts
  • Challenge for additonal practice

Notes To Teachers:

We are pleased to present our new integrated language arts workbook for Grade 4 in Jamaica and equivalent classes for students aged 9–10 years in other Caribbean countries. It is part of a series that revises the well known Carlong Assessment Tests series that provides assessment material for the first four years at the primary level. This book offers revision and practice in language arts and related reasoning skills. Exercises cover a range of cognitive skills and

embrace the multiple intelligences so you are sure to find relevant material for each particular student. The integrated approach follows the leading of the revised primary curriculum (RPC) of the Jamaica Ministry of Education (MOE).

What this book does

Not only is this workbook integrated and curriculum-based, it has a wide range of culturally sensitive and valuable information. This approach provides the student with more than adequate scope to develop critical, problem-solving and effective communication skills.

Naturally, the material is designed to promote the habit of reading, encourage the

development of comprehension skills, as well as to hone the creative talents of the student.

How the book works

The book provides material for both language arts and for language arts sensitive reasoning tests. It is divided into units, each of which covers a specific topic. The topics are introduced and then followed by intense practice exercises which take various forms. Each of these units ends with a test which comprises 50 items followed by at least one communication task. A perfect score has been recommended and you will decide what percentage of that score the student’s effort deserves.

In addition, Unit 7 comprises a set of additional tests that the teacher or parent can use to evaluate how the student is progressing. You may wish to time these assessment exercises and set specific test conditions for them. Or, you may prefer to choose selected sections from an assessment paper to give the student additional practice in identified areas of weakness. Unit 8 is devoted to language specific reasoning and problem-solving tests.

The answers are given for the tests to facilitate easy computation of grades/marks but you might want to remove the answer section from the book so the student is not tempted to cheat.

We urge you to ensure that thorough foundational work takes place before the student tackles each exercise. Make sure that the student has been taught all the topics in any paper he or she is given. Try to identify sets of items that the student gets wrong consistently and organize further revision of those principles.

It is our hope that you and your student(s) or child will continue to enjoy using this exciting workbook series.

Notes To Students:

Welcome to an exciting new integrated language arts workbook!

How this book can help you

This workbook covers the school curriculum and is structured to:

  • provide you with opportunities to continue to develop your reading, comprehension and writing skills;

  • give you practice in applying concepts, information and skills which you have acquired as you have gone through school so far;

  • assist you to develop speed and accuracy in responding to exercises in language arts;

  • expand your vocabulary and communication skills.

Make an effort to write down new words and learn how to use them. If you realize that you are always getting certain kinds of questions wrong, ask your teacher or parent to help you to revise the basic points about that topic.

Learn as much as you can and enjoy your new workbook!

Hyacinth Bennett