Every Little Thing Will Be All Right

Every Little Thing Will Be All Right

Level: Primary| General

Series Title: Sand Pebbles Pleasure Series (SPPS)

Subject: Literature

ISBN: 978 976 638 055 7

Pages: 88

Age Group: 8 - 10 years

Published: 2003

The Worlds Greatest Batsman: Delroy wants to be a cricketer and he has the talent, but his parents cannot afford to buy him a bat; Safiyas Dance: How can Safiya be a ballerina when her body shape and size is considered not to be suitable? Jenny's Great Gran: Jenny is ashamed of her great grandmother because she is without teeth and wears a head tie; You are Special, Stewart: Stewart is an unhappy little boy because he sees nothing special about himself; Louisa Jane and the Street of Fine Old Houses: Louisa Jane lives with her grandmother in a broken-down old house that was once fine, but some unknown people are coming to knock down the house!


Diane Browne
former teacher, publisher and editor, is also a successful, award-winning writer. Many of her stories are used in reading material in Jamaican schools. Diane was the recipient of the prestigious bronze Musgrave Medal for Children's Literature from the Institute of Jamaica.

Key Features

Sensitize children to the important elements of literary writing

  • Encourage positive reading habits
  • Broaden childrens experiences
  • Aid vocabulary building, especially in the use of culture specific words
  • Provide resource materials for social studies/history and other subject areas
  • Represent prefect presents for children around the world