Carlong Integrated Practice Tests - Language Arts

Carlong Integrated Practice Tests - Language Arts

Level: Primary

Series Title: Carlong Integrated Practice Tests

Subject: Language Arts

ISBN: 978 976 638 097 7

Pages: 172

Age Group: 8 - 12 years

Published: 2008

Carlong Integrated Practice Tests (CIPT): Language Arts is the revised edition of the well-received text Carlong Assessment Tests for GSAT English. This revision simulates the GSAT Language Arts examination the first set of multiple choice questions test students grasp of language arts concepts, while the last set of questions test their ability to read, comprehend and analyse. The questions, therefore, test a range of skills, starting with simple recall and advancing to synthesis and evaluation.The items reflect the content and learning levels of the revised GSAT, incorporating knowledge, conceptual understanding, reasoning and analysis. There is a good blend of items on structure, mechanics, vocabulary and spelling along with valuable study skills and scope for the development of reading skills.

An important strength of this publication is the special effort that has been made to ensure the integration of other subjects: Math - page 5, Social Studies - page 108, Science - page 9, Religion - page 15, and Information Technology - page 102. This is evident both in the items testing a range of language skills and in the comprehension passages. This ensures that the content of the tests not only meets the requirements of the Revised Primary Curriculum (RPC) but also encourages the students to view their studies in a holistic way. At the end of each Test Paper are Communication Tasks which consist of two writing tasks. The Communication Tasks are graded, gently starting the students off with familiar exercises, while eventually building to more complex ones. In addition, Building Writing Tasks goes further/beyond the limited scope of the communication task examination. Together, they provide the students with a creative range of writing tasks, such as restructuring jumbled passages, writing character sketches, completing forms, writing a research paper, using writing prompts, reporting, writing stories, letters and many more. These tasks also simulate the examination and stimulate the students communication skills in a variety of ways. A comparison of communication tasks from the previous edition plus new activities are also provided (Comparison of Communication Tasks- page vii) so that the extent of the changes in the new edition is clearly seen. Test Papers at a Glance (pages v-vi) will prove to be very valuable in identifying the flow of the items from 1-80. This will enable the teachers to decide whether they wish to use items according to the content areas or use the test papers as good practice for the exams.Two graphs are included on pages 157 and 158 on which students should record their Test Paper and Communication Tasks results. This will help them to chart and see their progress in a visual way.

Although this workbook was written primarily for students sitting the GSAT examination in Jamaica, it could certainly be used by other students throughout the Caribbean, to help them prepare for similar examinations. It is also relevant for remedial use with the slower students in secondary schools, especially the upgraded high schools therefore, it should be promoted aggressively in these schools. This book takes a step beyond simply preparing students for their progression into secondary schooling, it also prepares them (and helps their parents to prepare them) for life in general in the Getting the Facts section:

Citizenshipintroduces the students to the idea of good citizenship and the characteristics of a good citizen

Effective Parentingintroduces a list of parenting best practices which students should share with their mother, father, guardian/caregiver


Dorothy Noel
successful textbook author and Publishing Manager at Carlong Publishers; she has been part of the Carlong team for almost 30 years. She is a former teacher of English at the secondary level and a former Assistant Chief Examiner of CSEC English A.

Key Features

  • 9 Test Papers (including Communication Tasks) that mirror the GSAT examination
  • Language Arts Titbits - nuggets of knowledge on a n aspect of language arts, e.g. pages 17, 119 and 136
  • Chill Outs provide valuable teaching information and additional opportunities for writing tasks, vocabulary and general knowledge. They also provide moments of relaxation and fun as students learn, e.g. pages 18 and 51
  • Answers to all the Tests and Chill Outs to allow for easy marking (pages 159-162)
  • A Score Graph for students to chart their progress (page 157)
  • A sample Answer Sheet (page 163) allows students to record answers as in the examination. This is to be photocopied by the teacher/parent as often as is necessary for the use of the child.
  • Test Papers at a Glance - An overview of the skills and abilities examined in each Test Paper
  • Answers to all the Test Papers and Chill Outs allow for easy marking

Look out For:

  • Getting the Facts - key tips on good citizenship and effective parenting
  • Correct answers on detachable pages (pages 155-156)
  • Building Writing Skills - additional exercises to develop and strengthen skills of expression, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and language skills (e.g. pages 32, 100 and 152)
  • Chill Outs provide moments of fun and relaxation
  • 4-colour photos included

Notes To Teachers:

The organization of the book can also serve to challenge the gifted child who can attempt questions ahead of his/her grade level.


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answers to all the tests
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