Tek Mi! Noh Tek Mi!

Tek Mi! Noh Tek Mi!

Level: Primary| Secondary| General

Series Title: Sand Pebbles Pleasure Series (SPPS)

Subject: Literature

ISBN: 978 976 638 096 0

Pages: 118

Age Group: 10 - 14 years

Published: 2008

Welcome to the world of the imagination and the fantastic in these ten stories where Good continues its age-old fight against Evil. These stories are highly entertaining, and, in the tradition of folktales, they also carry many moral messages. They show that those who are kind to others and those who protect nature and defend the weak are given worthy rewards, sometimes by magical means. On the other hand, those who are greedy, abusive, unkind and wish to harm nature receive deserved punishment. The overriding message is that a person's fortune is often determined by the quality of his or her character.

The cultures of both island and continental CARICOM countries are well represented in this collection. From folklore there are supernatural beings Tata Duende (The Strange Tale of Cucal Bal) or Tata Dohende (Tek Mi! Noh Tek Mi!); the Caribbean mermaid who lives in the river (Lazy Manny-oh!); and what would be a collection of folktales without a ghost story, as in Miss Angie


Cherrell Shelley-Robinson
PhD - former Senior Lecturer in the Department of Library and Information Studies, UWI, Mona. An expert on Caribbean children's literature, she is an established author who has written extensively for children's radio programmes and magazines.
Eintou Pearl Springer
currently holds the title of Poet Laureate of Port of Spain in her homeland, Trinidad and Tobago. She is a performance poet, storyteller and author.
Jane Grell
hails from Montserrat where she was Chief Librarian for over 20 years. She continues to serve as a librarian with the Anguilla Library Service.
Jean F. Forbes
a Jamaican writer of short stories and stories for children. Her stories have been published in local newspapers, by the Ministry of Education and the Children's Writers Circle.
Michelle M. Petty
born in Belize but now lives and works in The Bahamas. She enjoyed her grandmother's exciting tales of her adventurous childhood and folktales, and likes recounting them.
Mohamed Fazloor Yasin
is from Guyana. He has been published at home and abroad. He especially enjoys writing for children.
Myrna Manzanares
is the President of the National Kriol Council of Belize. She is an educator/counsellor, consultant, trainer, social/community/cultural/activist, writer, poet, and storyteller.
Nellie Payne
is a writer from Grenada. She is now retired, but continues to write for children. She has been published at home and abroad.

Key Features

  • Two audio CDs with four of the stories read by accomplished storytellers accompany the text.
  • The language of the stories is mostly Standard English, but with phrases and idioms which represent the local languages of the countries of origin, for example, the patois spoken (or which used to be spoken) in Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada.
  • The recording of the stories on the CDs will help children to appreciate the differences in speech in the countries of origin, as well as to appreciate the differences between the written and spoken word.
  • These stories place emphasis on an individual?s moral strength which often makes the difference between success and failure.
  • The setting and the characters in the stories are typically Caribbean. There are many colourful characters, both human and magical.
  • The stories give a glimpse of the culture and habits of the people in different countries of the English-speaking Caribbean.
  • There is a glossary which explains words and phrases which might be unfamiliar to the reader.
  • There is a section with suggested activities for use with students.

Notes To Teachers:

Tek Mi! Noh Tek Mi! will be an excellent addition to the classroom literature texts as well as to the library.

The stories in this book are full of lively characters and action which adequately represent the

characteristics of traditional folklore. Students can compare modern versions of some stories with

traditional tales The stories can be  used to highlight  the differences between the spoken word

and more formal written standard English. The CDs are especially useful for such an exercise.

Research skills Students can be encouraged to use the Internet and libraries to locate the different CARICOM countries, geographically, and identify the peculiar characteristics of their history and development which gave rise to some of these stories. The Activities section has some useful pointers.

Character development There are many interesting characters and situations in this story for students to examine.

Communication skills the stories can be used to introduce debate procedures and written exercises on different themes: e.g. Are there such things as ghosts and magical creatures? What purpose do they serve in these folktales? What moral dilemmas do the human characters face?

Values and Attitudes The stories can be used to start discussions on individual as well as family and community values and attitudes.

Listening skills The CDs can be used to help develop listening skills, e.g. noting variations between the spoken and written versions, identifying the accents of different countries and so on.

Additional Comments

Audio Disc #1
Tek Mi! Noh Tek Mi! Read by Myrna Manzanares (Belize)
Lazy Manny-oh! Read by Leon South (Jamaica)

Audio Disc #2
Miss Angie Read by Godfrey Rock (Guyana)
Ti Jean and Mariquite read by Eintou Pearl Springer (Trinidad and Tobago)


Michelle Petty
Dear all: Any idea when this book will reach book stores in the Bahamas? Thanks