First Steps in Science Year 5 Activity Book

First Steps in Science Year 5 Activity Book

Level: Primary

Series Title: First Steps in Science (FSIS)

Subject: Science

ISBN: 978 976 638 100 4

Pages: 128

Age Group: 10 - 11 years

Published: 2009

First Steps in Science Year 5 Activity Book (FSIS YR 5 AB) is a complete revision of First Steps in Science Activity Book 5. This Workbook is designed to supplement the Revised Primary Curriculum (RPC) issued by the Jamaican Ministry of Education, and, although it is the companion text to First Steps in Science Year 5 Pupil's Book, it can be used effectively with any textbook that follows the RPC, or any other textbook at that level in the rest of the region.

This up-to-date Workbook is of particular value to the student who is engaged in serious preparation for the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) or Common Entrance, as it helps to reinforce important concepts and contains two 60-item multiple-choice tests.

FSIS Yr 5 AB articulates with the curriculum to help children develop inquiry skills/science process skills, laying the groundwork for success in science in later grades and in high school.

Like the First Steps in Science Year 4 Activity Book before it, this text gives practice in the enquiry skills of manipulating, observing, classifying, describing, measuring, identifying patterns, predicting, inferring, hypothesizing, planning fair tests, experimenting, recording, reporting or communicating, and serial ordering.


Vilma McClenan
was Coordinator of the UWI Distance Education Centre (UWIDEC), Mona, for many years. She is a distinguished science educator, who in 2000 was awarded the Silver Musgrave Medal from the Institute of Jamaica for Science and Technology Education. She is also the main author of the landmark First Steps in Science (FSIS) series.
Cecile Carrington
experienced educator who taught for many years in secondary schools in Trinidad. She has been involved in teacher evaluation for Jamaica's MOE.
Lorna Sue-Ho
had a distinguished career in science education. She was Head of the Science Division at Mico Teacher's College and also served as a regional e examiner for Chemistry.
Rosemarie Mathurin
is an experienced St Lucian educator who has taught at the secondary level and at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. She also has experience in educational administration.

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