Carlong Revision Guide: Junior Science

Carlong Revision Guide: Junior Science

Level: Primary

Series Title: Carlong Revision Guide

Subject: Science

ISBN: 978 976 638 098 4

Pages: 320

Age Group: 9 - 12 years

Published: 2009

Carlong Revision Guide: Junior Science is a revision of the popular text Essential Science for the Caribbean. The book revises the upper primary science curriculum in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. It provides a resource for students as they prepare for the GSAT and other national examinations. It is written for the student and may be used at school or at home with parents or guardians. Teachers will also find it useful as the authors cover all the essential information from the curriculum.

The book adopts an integrated approach that highlights the links between the concepts covered throughout the upper primary level. Related topics from each grade are presented in the same section. Scientific principles are presented in a very concise manner using simple language, displays, tables and other graphic organizers that are ideal for revision purposes. The book now has a strong workbook component.


Paulette Chedda
science specialist who taught at the primary level for many years. She has served the MOE, Jamaica, as a resource teacher and is a principal at the primary level.
Doreth McFarlane
outstanding and experienced former primary level teacher in Jamaica. She worked for years as a MOE resource teacher and was the recipient of the Bronze Musgrave Medal from the Institute of Jamaica in the field of Science and Education.
Hortense Morgan
former primary school principal and was in the forefront of science education in Jamaica for many years.
Ruth Dorothy Pottinger
well-known name in Caribbean science education. She has worked as a teacher and teacher educator, as well as in curriculum development.

Key Features

    Gives accurate science information that the teachers can rely on.
  • Highlights objectives, key concepts and vocabulary.
  • Covers the curriculum thoroughly.
  • An indexed glossary features important words.
  • Key Points summarizes concepts covered in each unit.
  • Web link. suggests websites for further discovery and activities.
  • Save the Earth sensitizes students to environmental problems.
  • Making connections helps the reader to find related topics in the book.
  • Study Tips help students to memorize and recall important points.
  • Assessment is done using a wide variety of techniques.
  • Four Practice Tests at the end of the book, each comprising 60 multiple-choice items, cover the upper primary science curriculum and use the style of the GSAT examination.
  • Removable answer sheets allow for easy marking.

Look out For:

  • Graphical presentation of information
  • Ongoing assessment
  • Clear and relevant diagrams and illustrations
  • A comprehensive glossary/index

Additional Comments

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kemisha Brown
it is a wonderful edition and it make’s you understand more and it helps you out with whatever you do