Carlong Integrated Practice Tests: Social Studies

Carlong Integrated Practice Tests: Social Studies

Level: Primary

Series Title: Carlong Integrated Practice Tests

Subject: Social Studies

ISBN: 978 976 638 106 6

Pages: 180

Age Group: 8 - 12 years

Published: 2010

Carlong Integrated Practice Tests (CIPT): Social Studies is the revised edition of the popular text Carlong Assessment Tests for GSAT Social Studies. Relevant items are retained from the previous edition and many new items reflect the new topics and emphases of the Ministry of Education's (MOE's) Revised Primary Curriculum.

This revised text simulates the GSAT Social Studies examination. The 10 Test Papers (TPs) follow the MOE's specifications, and are graded to provide adequate practice for the students. TPs 1 and 2 test Grade 4 material; TPs 3 and 4 review Grade 5 material, while TPs 5 to 10 present six tests that simulate the GSAT exam completely.

Although this workbook was written primarily for students sitting the GSAT examination in Jamaica, it includes many items of relevance to other students throughout the Caribbean, and can help them prepare for similar examinations.


Dezmarie Hines
a committed and successful preparatory school teacher in Jamaica.
Zelphya McLaren
taught social studies for many years and served as administrator at all levels of the system.
Phyllis Reynolds
a distinguished educator who has worked as both teacher and administrator. She is a former Assistant Chief Education Officer for Curriculum in Jamaica.

Key Features

  • 10 complete Test Papers mirroring the GSAT examination, with 80 items each.
  • Social Studies Titbits - giving helpful and enjoyable information about the culture of Jamaica and the region (note Neighbours on page 79), with the fun of solving puzzles while revising important aspects of the curriculum (note Nation-Builders All on page 127).
  • Chill Outs - providing useful and entertaining activities, as students are encouraged to pay attention to values and attitudes (note Words for the Wise on page 97), and to join in informative quizzes and other fun exercises (note History in Jeopardy on page 48).
  • Answers to the Titbit and Chill Out activities (pages 164-166).
  • A Score Graph - encouraging students to chart their scores on each Test Paper so they see their progress in a visual way (page 163).
  • A sample Answer Sheet - allowing students to record answers, as in the examination (page 171).
  • Spotting Items by Themes - a table matching the test items with the themes in the Revised Primary Curriculum (pages 160-162).
  • Answers to all the test items, on detachable pages (pages 167-170).

Look out For:

  • Informative and enjoyable social studies titbits
  • Fun activities in the Chill Outs
  • Answers to items and Titbit and Chill Outs activities
  • Spotting items by themes table