Carlong Numeracy Skills

Carlong Numeracy Skills

Level: Primary

Series Title: Gateway to Numeracy

Subject: Mathematics

ISBN: 97 897 663 811 96

Pages: 176

Age Group: 9 - 10 years

Published: 2014

Gateway to Numeracy: Carlong Numeracy Skills is the companion text to Carlong Literacy Skills. It prepares students for the critical Jamaican Grade 4 Numeracy Test through the provision of strategically organized practice tests. It also offers invaluable practice for students at the Class 3/Grade 4/Standard 3 levels in other Caribbean countries.

Unique structure of the book

  • The book commences with five tests which revise Grade 3 mathematical concepts and therefore pave the way for an easy transition to Grade 4 work. Each Grade 3 test covers a different mathematical strand i.e. Number, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra or Probability/Statistics.
  • This is followed by five Grade 4 Term 1 tests and five Grade 4 Term 2 tests each of which also covers a different mathematical strand.
  • In the five Mixed Items Tests, the various mathematical strands are combined in each test.
  • The ten full length test papers at the end of the book simulate the Grade 4 numeracy Test. Each consists of 46 multiple choice items and 3 open-ended items.
After utilizing the copious practice provided in this text, students should be well equipped to master the Grade 4 numeracy test.


Cynthia Williams Cooke
is a mathematics educator whose many years of experience span the early childhood to university levels.
Rosena Ferguson-Slater
is a dynamic primary school teacher with many years of experience in the classroom.

Key Features

  • Stimulating items that not only test concepts learned but challenge students to think through processes
  • Mathematical concepts set in real life situations
  • Pan-Caribbean flavour infused throughout the text
  • Can be used from the Grade 3 level
  • Encourages independent work or practice at home

Look out For:

  • Answers for all the tests including answers for the open-ended items
  • Glossary/Index - makes it easier to find particular topics