Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers Book 3 - Mathematics

Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers Book 3 - Mathematics

Level: Primary

Series Title: Gateway to Numeracy

Subject: Mathematics

ISBN: 978 976 638 139 4

Pages: 200

Age Group: 8 - 9 years

Published: 2015

Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers Book 3 - Mathematics replaces both the Carlong Assessment Tests (CAT) 3rd Year - Mathematics and the numeracy part of CAT 3rd Year - Reasoning and Problem-solving.

The format of this workbook follows that of the previous books in the series with revision facts followed by examples and related activities.

We have provided the market with a book that is mainly based on the latest curriculum from the Ministry of Education, Jamaica but relevant to the rest of the Caribbean.

The textbook is organized as follows:

Note to the Teacher/Parent - tells the teacher or parent how the book works/ how it is structured.

Note to the Student - prepares them for the interesting activities that they will get to do.

Homework Reminder - serves to alert parents and remind students about exercises that have been assigned as homework.

Units 1-11 - cover the core concepts in the curriculum. Students are given both formative and summative assessments once the topics have been revised and examples have been provided.

Unit 12 - gives students a taste of what they can expect in Jamaica’s Grade 4 Numeracy Test.

Unit 13 - focuses on testing the students’ reasoning and problem-solving skills through various stimuli.

Answers - These are provided for the Reasoning and Problem-solving test papers and are included at the back of the book.

Teacher/Parent Corner - offers important tips on how to assist students with some of the more difficult topics or activities.


Hyacinth Bennett
is a distinguished educator and successful author. She is founder and president of the Hydel Group of Schools in St Catherine, Jamaica.
Loraine Fuller
is a former University of Technology lecturer who has worked in recent years with primary level schools.
Kennecha Davis
is a school administrator at Port Antonio Primary Jamaica and an experienced primary school teacher and mathematics coach

Key Features

  • 11 Mathematics units (on topics such as Numbers, Addition & Subtraction, Money, Measurement, Fractions, Geometry, Algebra, Statistics and Probability) – see pages 2–154

  • Numeracy Skills Tests unit – see pages 155–163

  • Reasoning and Problem-solving unit – see pages 164–187

  • Integrated content with real-life scenarios – see examples on pages 5–6, 12, 67–69, 76, 90, 110, 120, 133, 172

  • Various stimuli and assessment methods – see examples on pages 9, 11, 13–14, 22–24, 26–27, 46–47, 49, 87, 107, 119, 123, 133, 145–148, 167, 172–173, 182

  • Useful tips for teachers and parents – see page 190

  • Index to help the users locate topics easier as they may not always appear in the order they are taught (none of our main competitors has this) – see pages 103–104

  • Brain Teasers to stimulate the students’ mind – see examples on pages 12, 31, 55, 101

  • Features material that is pan-Caribbean in focus and relevant to everyday life – see pages 2, 5 & 6, 18, 35–39, 41, 63, 64, 159, 175

Look out For:

  • Answers for Reasoning and Problem-solving Test Papers

  • Answers for Numeracy Skills Tests

  • Teacher/Parent Corner

  • Homework Reminder page