Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers Book 3 - Language Arts

Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers Book 3 - Language Arts

Level: Primary

Series Title: Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers (CIAP)

Subject: Language Arts

ISBN: 978 976 638 138 7

Pages: 232

Age Group: 7 - 9 years

Published: 2015

Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers: Book 3 - Language Arts combines revision and testing to create an exciting and innovative style of assessment text. This book replaces the popular Carlong Third Year Assessment Tests - English.

The book responds directly to the requirements of the new curriculum. The new text revises succinctly but clearly key language arts topics before it presents students with copious related practice exercises. Units are organized under a number of themes which are deemed relevant and important to the target group. Under these themes, the author deals with language arts concepts relevant to the grade. Threads of each overarching theme run throughout the unit to create a very rich, satisfying and integrated language arts experience.


Hyacinth Bennett
is a distinguished educator and successful author. She is founder and president of the Hydel Group of Schools in St Catherine, Jamaica.

Key Features

  • This is both a revision and practice text.

  • Reminders are provided to help parents at home to help their children; they also help the child who missed the lesson to engage with the material on his/her own with some assistance.

  • Comprises 9 language arts units (pages 1157), one unit with 10 reasoning and problem-solving tests (pages 158182) and one unit with 5 literacy skills tests (see pages 183219)

  • Reflects an integrated approach

  • Strives to attain a Pan-Caribbean flavour through stimuli, exercises, examples and photographs

  • Contains various testing formats a change from the rigid multiple choice method

  • Highlights important language arts concepts

  • Utilizes a variety of stimuli

  • Incorporates many comprehension exercises, including three listening comprehension pieces that are directly linked to the Carlong Learning Portals (CLP). Students will be able to listen to recordings of these pieces or their teacher can read to them. They will then get the opportunity to answer the questions that are contained in the book.

  • Presents notes and guidance in the Teacher/Parent Corner (see pages 221223)

  • Provides answers for the reasoning and problem-solving tests and the first two sections of the Literacy Skills Tests (see pages 220 and 221)

Look out For:

  • Reasoning & Problem Solving Tests

  • Literacy Skills Tests

  • Stimulating comprehension exercises

  • Answers for the Reasoning & Problem-solving and Literacy Skills Tests