Bet You Didn't Know: Of Birds and Trees and Things Like These

Bet You Didn't Know: Of Birds and Trees and Things Like These

Level: Early Childhood| General

Series Title: General

Subject: Reading

ISBN: 978 976 638 172 1

Pages: 56

Age Group: 6 - 8 years

Published: 2017

Bet You Didn't Know! Of Birds and Trees and Things Like These is a non-fiction picture book that features rhyming verses which describe the special characteristics of various animals and plants (24 in total) about which children will enjoy learning.

The illustrations and caricatures have been designed in vivid colours to attract the child’s attention in order to make it an enlightening and fun-filled experience. Children will learn new words and their meanings through context. Their learning experience will also be extended by conducting online research on the featured plants and animals.

The package includes the following value-added components:

Creatureville board game – this game will become an all-time family favourite activity as it requires users to employ strategic thinking as they try to navigate dangerous paths to be the first person to reach HOME. To be able to outsmart each other, users will have to be familiar with the content of the book, which is heavily linked to the game. It can be played by up to 6 players using the accompanying disks, die and cards. The players will face the challenges of solving riddles, returning to the START position, missing turns, being sent back several spaces as well as the opportunity to go straight HOME, jump ahead several spaces, get free throws and more.

Creatures of the World Map – learning can be extended through this map as it can be used to bring a lesson in geography alive. Users will see and get to familiarize themselves with the actual locations of the creatures mentioned in the reader. The map will also be useful for reference in the classroom as teachers teach about the world or be referenced when doing the online map-related game. It caters to the imaginative child who might come up with a game using this map.


BB Anders
is a first-time Jamaican author. His inspiration for writing children’s books came from years spent working with children and interacting with his own

Key Features

  • Comes in a handy package with reusable components that  include a reader, a world map, a board game, cards, a die, disks, an instruction sheet
  • Integration of some elements of the Grade 1 curriculum, including:
    • The family – children will see importance and role of family members, e.g. protection (see pages 30-31, 34-35)
    • The playing of games for extended learning – interactive online games and Creatureville
    • The appreciation of the variety of living things and how they are supported by their environment (see pages 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 22-23)
    • Reading for meaning, fluency and enjoyment of texts
    • Discuss the stages of development – children can compare their own development with that of some of the creatures (see pages 2-3 and video on the frog)
  • Exposes users to various plants and animals that may not be commonly found or seen in their natural environment
  • Will develop users’ critical thinking skills
  • Will appeal to any child or parent globally
  • Vivid, colourful illustrations and stimulating rhymes
  • Cool facts about the 24 plants and animals featured

Look out For:

  • Interesting video clips of the plants and animals in their natural habitat – users will scan a QR code on each page using their smart phone or tablet to view the videos
  • Related online activities that are stimulating, engaging and contain age-appropriate curriculum-related content and activities requiring comprehension and problem-solving skills
  • Word list at the back of the book that will aid in the development of students’ vocabulary