Atlantic Interactions: A Textbook for Caribbean History Students

Atlantic Interactions: A Textbook for Caribbean History Students

Level: Post Secondary

Series Title: Atlantic Interactions

Subject: History

ISBN: 978 976 637 629 1

Pages: 228

Age Group: 15 - 18 years

Published: 2013

This new and expanded edition of Atlantic Interactions is firmly established as a key text for students pursuing the CAPE examination as it covers the entire History syllabus.

The style and format of the book have been maintained to adhere closely to both units 1 and 2 and end-of-chapter activities to aid understanding of the key topics are provided.

tlantic Interventions is written in simple and straightforward, almost conversational language to ensure that students have a ready understanding of all the major themes of the History syllabus. Elements such as 'things to consider' will help to sharpen student's enquiry skills and encourage reflection on the historical and contemporary relationships among the nations and societies on the Atlantic.


David V.C. Browne
David V.C. Browne is a former member off the CXC® History panel and the Principal of Queen’s College
Henderson Carter
Henderson Carter is lecturer in the Department of History and Philosophy at the University of the West Indies

Key Features

  • Document-based, short response and essay questions
  • Key terms and concepts at the end of each chapter
  • End-of-chapter activities

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