Sociology for Caribbean Students

Sociology for Caribbean Students

Level: Post Secondary

Series Title: Sociology for Caribbean Students

Subject: Sociology

ISBN: 978 976 637 627 7

Pages: 517

Age Group: 17 - 18 years

Published: 2013

In this second edition the author builds on the success of the earlier volume by continuing to demystify the science of Sociology for the introductory student. This text also stays true to the aims of the first edition by incorporating the perspective of the Caribbean and developing societies within the concepts and theories of Sociology.

ly up to date and in line with the requirements of the CAPE Sociology Syllabus, Sociology for Caribbean Students is divided into two major Units with three modules each Topics such as Family, Culture and Identity, Religion and Institutions of Social Control are explained in a student-friendly manner which speaks to the Caribbean reality.


Nasser Mustapha
is a senior lecturer in sociology and the Head of Behavioural Sciences at the University of the West Indies

Key Features

  • Significantly revised material with new activities and data
  • Exercises to clarify concepts and theories

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