Contemporary Caribbean Tourism: Concepts and Cases

Contemporary Caribbean Tourism: Concepts and Cases

Level: Post Secondary

Series Title: Contemporary Caribbean Tourism: Concepts and Cases

Subject: Tourism

ISBN: 978 976 637 885 1

Pages: 598

Age Group: 15 - 18 years

Published: 2014

The tourism industry is seen as the linchpin that holds the majority of the economies of the Caribbean together. In Contemporary Caribbean Tourism, the authors provide a comprehensive, contemporary resource for students and practitioners alike.

Spanning the breadth of issues from accommodation and transportation; environment and economic impacts; Cultural, Sport, Health and Wellness, and Adventure Tourism; to disaster management and preparedness, this book discusses all of the elements essential to the long-term development and sustainability of the region's most valuable source of income. Cutting across the Dutch, English, Spanish and French Caribbean, the history and issues of tourism in the Caribbean are presented in a cohesive and easy to grasp manner, with practical examples, case
studies and references from all aspects of the business of tourism.


Mechelle Best
is an Associate Professor of Tourism at California State University Northridge where she also teaches courses in Sustainability. With over 15 years’ professional experience in the tourism industry
Acolla Cameron
is Progamme Co-ordinator and Lecturer in Tourism is the Department of Management Studies at the University of the West Indies
Sherma Roberts
is a lecturer in tourism and programme co-ordinator at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill. As Chair of Tourism Advisory Council, she has served the government of Barbados in the formulation of its Tourism Policy 2012-2021, and Tourism Master Plan; and is chief Examiner for the CXC CAPE examination.

Key Features

  • Chapters that each feature learning outcomes

  • Summaries and key terms

  • Discussion questions and exercise

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