Carib Language Arts Series - Primary Level 2B: All About Caring and Sharing

Carib Language Arts Series - Primary Level 2B: All About Caring and Sharing

Level: Primary

Series Title: Carib Language Arts Series (CLAS)

Subject: Language Arts

ISBN: 978 976 638 025 0

Pages: 76

Age Group: 6 - 8 years

Published: 2002

A contemporary language arts course, richly illustrated in full colour to capture the interest and excite the imaginations of pupils in their first three years at primary school. Carefully graded, the course provides comprehensive coverage of language arts concepts, skills and processes. The integrated approach offers pupils content from subjects across the curriculum, with a subtle blend of classic and contemporary stories and features from the Caribbean and beyond. Special features on individual countries in the region help to sensitize pupils to similarities and diversities within their Caribbean environment. While teaching Standard English, the course includes Caribbean speech rhythms in conversation, and encourages the use of nation language in free-talk sessions. Positive values, a healthy self-concept and respect for others are also promoted in this exciting, colourful series, which can also be enjoyed as general reading outside of the classroom.


Don Wilson
educator, researcher and writer, who is renowned for his expertise in the field of language arts. His groundbreaking LMW series was used in Jamaican primary schools for decades. He is a former Director of the School of Education and was also Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Education, UWI, Mona. He now works as an educational consultant.
Marlene Golding
is a Grade 4 teacher at Christiana Leased Primary and Infant School and is an accomplished primary level specialist with over 16 years experience.
Mercillia Mallett
former primary school principal in Jamaica.
Diane Browne
former teacher, publisher and editor, is also a successful, award-winning writer. Many of her stories are used in reading material in Jamaican schools. Diane was the recipient of the prestigious bronze Musgrave Medal for Children's Literature from the Institute of Jamaica.
Phyllis Coy
retired tutor in the Department of Language and Linguistics, UWI, Mona. She taught language arts, literature and drama in various schools in Canada. She also assisted with the development of the Canadian Language Arts curriculum.
Ivy Mitchell
lectured for many years in English and Communication at UTech, Jamaica and the UWI, Mona. Formerly a primary and secondary level teacher, she also

worked as consultant on several projects in Language Education with the MOE, Jamaica.

Look out For:

  • Exciting Let Us Talk, Think and Do, features that reinforce the knowledge, skills and attitudes addressed in each lesson