Smart Speller - Book 2

Smart Speller - Book 2

Level: Primary

Series Title: Smart Speller - An Integrated Approach

Subject: Language Arts

ISBN: 978 976 638 020 5

Pages: 230

Age Group: 9 - 10 years

Published: 2002

Spelling and vocabulary skills are thoroughly and systematically developed in creative new ways in this popular three-book series. Using a dual approach, the books treat with words that relate to every day life as well as words from different subject areas, giving integrated coverage across the curriculum. Word recognition, usage, pronunciation and spelling skills are developed through interactive, activity-based exercises which engage pupils' interest. The series also helps pupils to prepare for literacy, competency and assessment tests at different levels in the school system. Parents will find the books useful for home study sessions with their children.


Sheilah Garcia-Bisnott
distinguished educator, CXC examiner and successful textbook author. She now manages her own school.
Mercillia Mallett
former primary school principal in Jamaica.

Key Features

  • Integrated vocabulary: utilizes words from across the curriculum
  • Help prepare students for literacy, competency and assessment tests at different levels in the school system
  • Activity-based exercises - students are always engaged in interactive activities to develop word recognition, word usage, pronunciation and spelling skills
  • Creative exercises such as crossword and other puzzles, word webs, scrambled words, sentence completion, spelling test, dictation passages, word games to ensure entire class participation
  • Book reflects the cultures of the Caribbean region and will appeal equally to children in the region as well as in other parts of the world
  • Invaluable for use by parents at home in study sessions with their children

Look out For:

  • Words about the body, our community, caring for the environment, religion, Caribbean neighbours, etc.
  • Spellathons in Books 2 and 3 that can be used for class or inter-grade spelling competitions