Carlong Revision Guide For Junior English - Second Edition

Carlong Revision Guide For Junior English - Second Edition

Level: Primary| Secondary

Series Title: Carlong Revision Guide

Subject: English

ISBN: 978 976 638 021 2

Pages: 370

Age Group: 10 - 13 years

Published: 2001

This comprehensive primary language arts revision guide, incorporates recent additions to the curriculum. The wide variety of exercises enhance student's writing skills espcially in preparation for the Communication Task paper in the GSAT in Jamaican schools, as well as all secondary school selection examinations done at this level.

The text forms part of the Carlong Revision Guide series, the other title in the series is Carlong Revision Guide - Junior Mathematics.


Dorothy Noel
successful textbook author and Publishing Manager at Carlong Publishers; she has been part of the Carlong team for almost 30 years. She is a former teacher of English at the secondary level and a former Assistant Chief Examiner of CSEC English A.
Keith Noel
distinguished educator and successful textbook author. He is a former high school principal and teacher of English and Drama at the secondary level. He also served as Assistant Chief Examiner for CSEC English B. He is a respected theatre director.
Myrtle Kellier
taught English at both the secondary and tertiary levels in Jamaica.

Key Features

  • Strong focus on the problematic areas of English such as grammatical structure and usage, as well as oracy
  • Comprehensive coverage of the development of writing skills including composition crafting, process writing, journal writing, short story writing and descriptive writing
  • Special attention given to Creole usage, highlighting the differences between the Creole form of language and standard Jamaican English
  • Includes a wide variety of stimuli: prose passages, advertisements, directories, cartoons, graphs, exciting illustrations, poetry and recipes
  • Provides continuous assessment through a variety of creative exercises, research activities, quizzes, etc.

Look out For:

Sections on:

  • note taking
  • report writing
  • book reviews
  • portfolio preparation
  • letter writing (social and business)


kelly ann stewart
i want to see whats inside the book