Interpreting Graphs, Tables and Charts

Interpreting Graphs, Tables and Charts

Level: Primary| Secondary

Series Title: Carlong Assessment Tests

Subject: Assessment Papers

ISBN: 978 976 638 003 8

Pages: 156

Age Group: 10 - 13 years

Published: 1999

This workbook enables pupils to analyse, evaluate and draw conclusions from data presented in a variety of formats: grids, tables, maps, pictographs, bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs etc. This is a critical skill for every student from upper primary level onwards.


Fitz-Albert Russell
PhD - educator and senior administrator with the MOE, Jamaica.
Delroy Alleyne
educator and former mathematics officer in charge of testing and evaluation with the MOE, Jamaica.
Adlyn Wilson
was for many years principal of a primary school in Jamaica.

Key Features

  • Use of data relating to three subject areas: science, mathematics and social studies
  • Each subject has three papers of 50 items each
  • Varied formats: Paper 1 for each student consists of short answer questions. Papers 2 and 3 are multiple choice
  • Worked examples: Paper 1 in each subject is specially prepared to guide the pupils

Look out For:

  • Notes to the Students which explains, simply and in detail, vital information on the interpretation of data
  • A worked example to begin each set of questions on a graph or chart or other stimuli
  • Wide variety of data presentation: grids, tables, maps, pictographs, bar graphs, line graphs and circle graphs (pie charts)
  • Pull-out answer sheets