Reading Readiness Activity Book 2

Reading Readiness Activity Book 2

Level: Early Childhood| Primary

Series Title: Reading Readiness

Subject: Reading

ISBN: 978 976 801 023 0

Pages: 32

Age Group: 5 - 6 years

Published: 1988

Lively, creative activities introduce beginners to fundamental pre-reading concepts like left to right eye movement, eye-hand co-ordination, visual and auditory discrimination, and the association of meaning with printed symbols. In keeping with the integrated approach to learning at the early levels, activities are based on topics drawn from a range of subject areas. Book 2 introduces more challenging words and exercises, broader concepts and more complex sounds.The course also builds vocabulary and develops phonic and reasoning skills, as well as storytelling techniques. Helpful notes are provided for the teacher.


Ruby Yorke
former Director of the Regional Pre- School Child Development Centre, UWI, Mona, and an Education Officer in charge of early childhood education in St Lucia.

Key Features

  • Build concepts and vocabulary
  • Develop visual and auditory discrimination
  • Sharpen phonic skills
  • Develop sound reasoning skills and storytelling techniques
  • Develop and improve the co-ordination of eye and hand movements
  • Develop and promote left to right eye movement
  • Encourage the association of meaning with printed symbols

Look out For:

  • Helpful notes for teachers on the inside back covers
  • Lesson objectives on each page
  • Appealing, clear and focused captions
  • Exciting and stimulating exercises
  • Attractive and fun illustrations