Hola Chicos

Hola Chicos

Level: Primary| Secondary

Series Title: General

Subject: Spanish

ISBN: 978 976 801 030 8

Pages: 86

Age Group: 11 - 13 years

Published: 1989

A beginner's introduction to oral and written Spanish, this text offers a lively mix of creative exercises and activities. Pupils at the upper primary/lower secondary levels will be motivated by the short appealing dialogue and prose passages, reflecting themes close to their own experiences. The attractive illustrations will stimulate conversation and vocabulary development while the songs and poems, games and puzzles make learning easy and fun! There are notes on Spanish culture as well as helpful teaching notes and guidelines for correct pronunciation.


Heloise Lewis
is the author of Vamos Amigos, a leading Spanish course in the Caribbean.

Key Features

  • Short, appealing dialogue and prose passages to encourage fluency in reading Spanish
  • Themes relate closely to children's experiences and will encourage meaningful conversation in Spanish
  • Attractive illustrations that can be used as stimuli for conversations and vocabulary development
  • Exercises with scope for drawing and labelling
  • Interesting activities, games, crosswords, find-a-word puzzles
  • Songs and poems

Look out For:

  • Helpful teaching notes and guidelines for learning correct pronunciation
  • Notes on Spanish culture and how it is reflected in the way the language is used