Let's Learn to Write - Script

ISBN: 9789766382032

For Ages: 4-6 years

  • Janet P. Lewis

The Let’s Learn to Write series is a fun and carefully crafted handwriting course which practises handwriting skills required for correct letter formation.

Let’s Learn to Write –  Script is the revision of Let’s Learn to Write: Book 1. The new workbook is designed for the practise of precise writing techniques at home and in the classroom. This child-friendly sized book provides beginner writers with essential preparation and unlimited practice for learning to write script by encouraging the mastery of varied writing skills.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited practice on reusable dry-erase paper inserts that reinforce the development of essential writing skills
  • Readiness activities and pre-writing patterns that develop eye-hand coordination and correct hand movement
  • Illustrations that provide visual stimulation and meaningful contexts for pupils to write words and short sentences
  • Engaging, child-friendly activities that appropriately and progressively challenge children’s writing skills
  • An easy-to-use parent or teacher skills checklist to easily monitor each child’s development


Look Out For:

  • Review pages on reusable dry-erase paper
  • Online activities that reinforce concepts

Teacher’s Notes

This book is designed to help children enjoy the writing process. Children will develop correct posture as well as correct positioning of the hand. In addition, they will become aware that writing can be done for various purposes.

The activities are structured to facilitate the following:

  • developing an awareness of left to right orientation in writing
  • opportunities to build hand muscles
  • development of visual discrimination
  • increased ability to follow instructions
  • line and spatial awareness

Seven (7) Review Exercises are included in the middle of the book. These exercises are on reusable dry-erase paper so students are provided with unlimited practice. Students should use an erasable dry-erase marker to complete the exercises and a clean fabric or tissue paper to erase.


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