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Mathematics for Caribbean Examinations: Workbook, Study Guide and Multiple Choice Tests is the desired study companion for students preparing for the CSEC® Mathematics examination. It provides detailed explanation on the various topics, concepts and mathematical principles required for study by the syllabus, equipping students with the solid foundation they need to master all the topics which fall under the general areas: Number Theory and Computational Statistics, Algebra, Sets and Geometry.

English Language

Carlong English A for CSEC® With Study Guide & Exercises is a comprehensive study guide that describes, analyses and demonstrates literary evaluations of poems, drama and prose extracts. It offers insightful training in appreciating English Language and Literature, and prepares students thoroughly for the CSEC® English A examination. The textbook also includes a DVD jam-packed with interactive activities and exercises to further support the syllabus. Carib Study Guides: Writing Summaries and Statistical Reports is a practical step-by-step guide widely used across the Caribbean, which assists students in mastering the skills of comprehension and organization of information into clear and cohesive reports, necessary for the CSEC®  English A examination.


Creating Jamaica - Our Early Years is the revised edition of Creating a Nation: Jamaica, which meets the National Standards Curriculum (NSC) for Grade 7 history. It explores Jamaican history from the point-of-view of the historian, from the arrival of the Tainos to the development of the peasantry in the post emancipation years.


Exploring Geography - Book 1 is the first in a series of three books developed for high school students, which addresses more general concepts in geography while meeting the requirements of the National Standards Curriculum and the Jamaican Ministry of Education, Youth and Information’s (MoEYI) curricula for geography at grades 7, 8 and 9.


Let Us Sing, an ecumenical collection of over 100 hymns, songs and choruses, appeals to both the school and church communities for worship sessions as well as to all who delight in music for inspiration and general enjoyment. The book features Caribbean favourites with their own unique rhythms such as reggae, calypso and mento, traditional European and American hymns, and African-American spirituals. Selections were chosen for theological as well as musical value and cover a wide denominational base.


Carlong Theatre Arts for CSEC® addresses the needs and requirements of the Theatre Arts syllabus and is designed as a two-year programme to prepare students sitting the CSEC® examination. Carlong Caribbean Drama for the Classroom, which has been placed on  CXC’s recommended reading list for Theatre Arts as well as on the MOE’s approved textbook list in several countries, positions the study of drama in a social and cultural context and explains the development of drama in the Caribbean. It coaches and guides students through the creative processes of improvisation and play production, and demonstrates how writers craft their work.


These textbooks offer students comprehensive preparation for the CSEC® Economics, Principles of Accounts and Principles of Business examinations. Carlong Economics for CSEC®, Carlong Principles of Accounts for CSEC© and Carlong Principles of Business for CSEC® are accompanied by a DVD featuring interactive activities and exercises to sharpen concepts, principles and techniques used in business.  Their content covers all the objectives of each syllabus, and is organized into three parts including SBA preparation, Study Guide, practice tests, exercises and answers. Our newly acquired title, Principles of Accounts for Caribbean Examinations - Revised Edition mirrors the CSEC® Accounts syllabus and offers an extensive coverage of all principles.

Home economics management

Certificate Management of Homes and Families provides complete coverage of the topics in the CSEC® syllabus. It is also a useful resource for students doing vocational training or for assisting homemakers to manage their homes. The text appears on the Ministries of Education approved textbook lists in several Caribbean countries.

Social Studies

The Carlong Secondary Social Studies Series and Carib Hi-Sec Social Studies, developed specifically for the Jamaican curriculum and adopted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, lays the foundation for further studies in geography, social studies and history. Fully revised, Carlong Social Studies Essentials for CSEC® offers additional extensive guidance to students for the SBA component of the examination through exciting new features and a more comprehensive coverage of topics. The accompanying DVD includes a range of interactive exercises, using both video and audio that augment and complement the textbook.


Chemistry SBA for CSEC® - A Student’s Guide helps Chemistry students to properly and confidently execute their SBAs in an organized and efficient manner. Similarly, Complete Chemistry serves as the perfect companion revision workbook with answers for students preparing for the CSEC®  Chemistry examination. Both texts are fully up to date, closely matching the syllabus covering the principles of Chemistry, and Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

English Literature

Introducing an all-new suite of English B books designed specifically to meet the new English B syllabus for CSEC® examinations. Carlong English B for CSEC® - 3rd Edition, Carlong English B Paper 1 for CSEC® and Carlong English SBA for CSEC® offer in-depth description, analysis and demonstration of the literary evaluation of poems, drama and prose extracts. Some books from Carlong's Sand Pebbles Pleasure Series and the Expressions imprint are also suitable for Literature at the secondary level and are direct responses to the call by the Ministries of Education across the Caribbean and the Caribbean Examinations Council for a significant increase in the number of high quality literature that is available for the region's students to study as well as read for leisure. The books under the Expressions imprint particularly reflect numerous issues with which youths grapple globally.


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