Carlong Principles of Accounts for CSEC With SBA, Study Guide & Exercises

ISBN: 9789766381028

For Ages: 15-17 years

  • John Tracey
  • James Chan

Carlong Principles of Accounts for CSEC® With Study Guide Exercises is a new textbook that follows the scope and sequence of the CSEC Principles of Accounts syllabus.
The book is accompanied by an exciting interactive DVD which complements the text and captures the live accounting world. On the DVD are varied videos and audio exercises that deal with topics that students may find challenging.
The textbook and DVD help to prepare students to do well in the examination and also provide a foundation for further studies in accounting.

Organization of the text

There are 3 parts in the book.

  • Part 1 prepares the student for the study of principles of accounts and gives advice on the use of appropriate accounting stationery. It is here that the student is introduced to the structure of the syllabus.
  • Part 2 deals with the 14 main teaching sections of the text and takes students through the entire accounting process. Topics covered include:
  • accounting concepts
  • the accounting cycle
  • the balance sheet
  • financial statement preparation, analysis and interpretation
  • the trial balance
  • books of original entry
  • ledger adjustments
  • control systems
  • types of business organizations and their accounts
  • payroll accounting.
  • Part 3 focuses on the preparation for examinations with advice on how to balance accounts and interpret accounts balances. This part also presents a guide to the School Based Assessment (SBA), preparation for examinations and simulated examination question papers, inclusive of Paper 3 for private candidates.

Key Features:

  • Objectives and an overview are featured at the start of each section in the book.
  • Guides to the Key Content of each syllabus section.
  • Take Care! section which lists weaknesses that examiners find in students responses to examination questions. 
  • Applying the Concepts feature giving opportunities to convert the theory to real-life examples of the use of accounts. 
  • Numerous illustrations that demonstrate the principles of accounting and meet the requirements of the CSEC examinations. 
  • Sensitization to the use of computers in accounting and accounting software 
  • A list of accounting terms frequently used in the CSEC examination. 
  • General guidelines on preparing for the Principles of Accounts examination. 
  • Detailed and systematic guide to writing CSEC SBA projects. The SBA project outline demonstrates what is expected. 
  • Careful headings and helpful annotations enhance understanding. 
  • Comprehensive index/glossary of key terms provides quick references and definitions.
  • Avenues for practice and evaluation through practice exercises. 
  • Visual material such as tables, illustrations and photos throughout the text help to demonstrate the principles of accounting. 

Look Out For:

  • Accounting terms frequently used in the CSEC examination
  • Structured help in avoiding the pitfalls present in accounting and in writing accounting examinations
  • A summary of terms at the end of each section
  • Simulated examination test papers and simulated multiple-choice test papers
  • Clear, comprehensive textual explanations that encourage students to acquire the good habits of accounting early



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