Carlong Literacy Skills - New Edition

ISBN: 9789766381127

For Ages: 9-10 years

Gateway to Literacy: Carlong Literacy Skills - New Edition is a new edition of our Carlong Assessment Tests: Literacy Skills that offers new and exciting items while retaining many of the old favourites. This must-have textbook includes 12 Test Papers - four more than the previous edition - that prepares students for the Ministry of Education's Grade 4 Literacy Test, as well as helps them to develop the literacy skills they need to communicate everyday.


Organization of the text

Note to the Teacher/Parent - this provides useful information on how the Test Papers are organized and how to use the book.

Note to the Student - the student is introduced to the textbook, including the Lit Wiz mascot, as well as told how the Test Papers can prepare them to be successful in the Grade 4 Literacy Test.

General Instructions - this outlines what the student will be required to do in each section (an example is provided for each section).

Test Papers 1 -12 - the Test Papers are graded within the book with the more difficult Test Papers appearing last.

  • Test Papers 1-3 comprise Grade 3 work
  • Test Papers 4-7 are moderate, covering work for Grades 3 and 4
  • Test Papers 8 - 12 fully simulate the Grade 4 Literacy Test

The material, therefore, caters to students at all literacy levels.

Each Test Paper is broken down into three sections:

  • Section 1 - Word Recognition: The student is required to choose words that match pictures and vice versa
  • Section 2 - Reading Comprehension: The student is instructed to choose the correct answer to items that are based on comprehension passages, road signs, poems, tables and other interesting stimuli
  • Section 3 - Writing Tasks: The student has to complete a form and write a letter.

The number of items in each section and the time allotted to complete each reflect the format of the exam.

Track Your Progress Score Graph - both allow students to see how well they are doing. The teacher or parent can use these to identify which section often presents a challenge to the student.

Comprehension Schema - the schema breaks down the topics covered and helps the teacher or parent to closely monitor the student's progress.

Sample Answer Sheet and Test Answers - the use of the sample answer sheet mimics what is done in the actual examination.

Key Features:

  • 50% more Test Papers than previous edition
  • Similar layout to actual examination paper
  • Test Papers are progressively challenging
  • Can be used at home or at school
  • Offers good practice for the age level whether student is in Jamaica or elsewhere
  • Student's literacy skills tested through the use of various stimuli pieces, e.g., charts, tables, posters, poems, cards and  passages that are interesting and, in many cases, informative

Look Out For:

  • Score Graph
  • Comprehension Schema
  • Sample Answer Sheet
  • Answers for each Test Paper



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