Adventures: Primary Language Arts - Book 3

ISBN: 9789766382308

Adventures: Primary Language Arts – Book 3 (APLA – Book 3) is a comprehensive language arts and literacy textbook that covers the latest Grade 3/Class 2/Standard 2/Primary 2 curricula for Caribbean students (ages 8 to 9). This 2-in-1 book (a workbook has been included at the back) is a part of the well-liked Adventures series. This Grade 3 textbook is not accompanied by a CD, as was done for the Grades 1 and 2 texts. However, there are engaging audio tracks that can be accessed on our Learning Portal by scanning the QR code that has been placed beside each recorded piece in the textbook.

 Important points to note about the product include:

  • The topics are taught through the play, discover and learn method – children are encouraged to learn by exploring their surroundings and playing with each other.
  • The activities, projects and lessons utilize the 5E model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend/Elaborate, Evaluate) in keeping with the approach of the National Standards Curriculum.
  • Students are guided into extensive reading and research, especially through the frequent use of online and other resources, to extend their knowledge and broaden their understanding and application of concepts.
  • The assessment exercises are also structured according to Webb’s Depth of Knowledge:

Level 1 Recall and reproduce
Level 2 Demonstrate knowledge of skills and concepts
Level 3 Think and reason strategically
Level 4 Demonstrate extended thinking.

  • The material caters to children’s imagination, which will aid their cognitive development. The main characters (the monkeys Max, Mikey and Mindy) introduce the children to the various concepts through adventures.
  • There is a strong focus on critical thinking, speaking clearly and confidently, phonics, listening keenly, reasoning and problem-solving, as well as values and attitudes throughout the book.
  • Students are exposed to different Caribbean cultures (mainly through the use of stories, songs, poems and images).
  • Individual learning and cooperative learning are encouraged and help to foster the development of values such as tolerance, respect and positive interdependence – children will learn and work together but can also work on their own.

 Authors Names and Description

Marcia Thomas-Powell is the principal of Cascade Primary School and is a curriculum and instruction specialist with over 26 years’ experience at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Alecia Sawyers is a successful teacher with over 25 years’ experience at Vaz Preparatory School.

Bernetta Porter is an assessment specialist and a former senior education officer at the Ministry of Education, Jamaica.

Beverley Dinnall is a teacher at Meadowbrook Preparatory School with over 40 years of experience.

 Key Features

  • 10 core language arts units (on topics such as Prepositions, Syllabication, Punctuation Marks, Irregular Verbs, Adverbs, Homonyms, Making inferences, Conjunctions) – see pages 1–188
  • Practice units to ensure students have a full understanding of the concepts and improve their reading and critical thinking skills (cross references are made between the core book and workbook – see pages 1-64 (at the back of the book for practice exercises); see examples of cross references on pages 31, 45, 101, 134
  •  Integrated content with real-life scenarios – see examples on pages 6, 19-21, 64-67, 138-140
  • Various stimuli and assessment methods – see examples on pages 3-5, 9, 22, 43, 49,51-53, 138, 146, 161-162
  • Numerous comprehension passages, stories and poems which are often followed by a broad range of questions (from knowledge based to evaluation type) – see examples on pages 3-5,19-20, 25-26, 35-36, 46-49, 86, 93, 129-130,157-159
  • Material that is pan-Caribbean in focus and relevant to everyday life – see pages 37-41, 125-127, 139-140, 144-146

 Look out for

  • It’s a Jungle Out There – focuses on building vocabulary and improving phonetic skills
  • Sound Cheer – students are asked to listen to words and letters of words, then shout what they hear
  • Reading Fun – develops students’ reading, listening and comprehension skills, mainly through stories
  • Word Trail – provides fun word games that will improve students’ vocabulary


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