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Partners in the education process

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Executive Management

Dear Partners in Education







e welcome you to the dawn of a new era in

Carlong’s development, as our Founding Directors

retire from Executive Management and the mantle

passes to a new generation. The mission remains

steadfast, however, to develop quality multimedia

learning materials that are contextually relevant,

and responsive to the requirements of curricula and

examinations across the region. To this end, we offer

you exciting new products at all levels of the education


At the early childhood level, we complete our new

Bintah Series

of stimulating adventures for beginning

readers, with accompanying funbooks and other

learning aids for literacy and numeracy development.

Our new primary level

Adventures Series

in Language

Arts and Mathematics adopt the innovative play,

discover and share approach which will engage

students’ interest and enhance acquisition of critical

literacy and numeracy skills.

In the area of quality creative literature for the

classroom as well as for individual pleasure reading, we



, a new series for young adults.

These new titles build on the literary foundation laid by


Sand Pebbles Pleasure Series

at the primary level,

fostering identity awareness and cultural confidence.

To assist students in preparing for School Based

Assessment at the CSEC


level, we introduce a new

series of student guides offering practical techniques,

skills development and approaches that will improve

performance in what many students find to be a

challenging undertaking.

We are heartened by your positive response to the

publications we have recently acquired from Ian

Randle Publishers (IRP) which

extend our range of

publications to the post-secondary level

. These include

pioneering titles for new subjects for the CAPE



introductory tertiary-level texts and vocational texts for

careers in key development areas for the Caribbean.

We began our multimedia development thrust a

decade ago with digital support for our textbooks

on accompanying CDs and DVDs, and continue to

widen the scope of our support to students, teachers

and parents through the provision of free online

digital resources for specific publications. We are also

developing audio/video-enhanced ebooks to enrich

students’ learning experience. Through our partnership

with online distribution company BookFusion, you

can now purchase some of our literary titles digitally by



Please visit our mobile-friendly website

for more information

about our products and services and to download a

copy of our catalogue on your smart phone, tablet,

laptop or other device. You can also access resources

for extended learning on the site. Please ‘like’ our page

, and follow us on Twitter

or connect with our other

social accounts listed on the inside back cover of this

catalogue. We welcome your feedback, suggestions and

enquiries as we are constantly seeking to improve our

products and services in order to empower students to

develop their full potential.

Team Carlong

From left:

C. Carby, L. Allen, J. Carby, J. Green



Carl Carby

Shirley Carby

Dan Kelly

Lorna Allen

Candice Carby

Jason Carby


Executive Management


Marketing &

Human Resource

Building 3,

17 Ruthven Road,

Kingston 10,

Jamaica, W.I.

(876) 960 9364-6

(876) 960 2080

(876) 920 9972

Finance & Accounting

Facilities & Operations

37 Second Street

Newport West

Kingston 13,

Jamaica, W.I.

(876) 923 7019

(876) 923 7008

Distribution Centre

38 First Street

Newport West

Kingston 13,

Jamaica, W.I.

(876) 923 6505-7

Executive Management Team

Lorna Allen

Candice Carby

Jason Carby

Juliet Green

Finance & Accounting

Esther McDonald

Donna Gordon-Francis

Marvalyn Graham

AnnMarie Dixon

Paulette Nevers

Bobette Francis

Internal Audit

Camelle Ricketts-Moore

Peta-Gaye Small-Lyons

Samuel Moodie

Facilities & Operations

Donald Tomlinson

Ava Baker

Floyd Fender

Kori Johnson

Beyon Pink

Glensener Burton

Elaine Young

Johnny Nelson

Donnette Phillips

Ian Campbell

Carl Williams

Distribution Logistics

Racquel McLean

Customer Relations Management

Delores Grant-Smith

Tannishea Roache-Hanson

Donald Lawrence

Distribution Centre

Dave Edwards

Erpha Lewinson

Wayne Thompson

Rose McCotie

Sidney Beckford

Vincent Scott

Human Resource Management

Sharon Hermitt

Julie Ann Ewart

Information Technology

Omar Reid

Doren Burke

Shyan Lawrence

Robert Gordon

Kamica Wilson


Sonia Bennett

Joy-Ann Bramwell

Diedre Callam

Rose Lewis Stone

Fiona Edwards

Nemeica McFarlane

Andrae Francis

Amba Small-Brown

Allanesia Brown

Tamara Noel

Althea Williams


Vinton Samms

Bernadene Blake-McCalla

Nicklaus Bromfield

Domian Shorter

Oraine Edwards

Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director

General Manager

General Manager

Executive Administrator

Financial Controller

Chief Accountant

Budget Accountant

Executive Administrator

Accounting Supervisor

Collections & Credit Officer

Internal Audit Manager

Internal Auditor

Trainee Internal Auditor

Facilities & Operations Manager

Facilities & Operations Administrator


Building Maintenance Assistant


Office Assistant/Receptionist

Office Assistant

Office Assistant


Maintenance Worker

Maintenance Worker

Distribution Logistics Manager

Customer Service Administrator

Senior Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

Warehouse Manager

Textbook Purchasing Officer

Warehouse Supervisor

Distribution Logistics Administrator

Warehouse Foreman

Senior Warehouse Attendant

Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Administrator

Information Technology Manager

IT Security & Systems Administrator

IT Business Analyst

Application Support Specialist

Administrative Assistant

Publishing Manager

Commissioning Editor

Commissioning Editor

Senior Editor


Production Controller


Digital Content Coordinator

Publishing Services Executive

Production Services Executive

Administrative Assistant

Marketing Manager

Export Development Manager

Marketing Representative

Marketing Representative

Administrative Assistant