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Partners in the education process


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n pursuit of our mission, Carlong’s Executive

Management Team, comprising Chief Executive

Officer (CEO)

Lorna Allen

, General Manager (GM)



and General Manager

Candice Carby

, directs

the company’s publishing, marketing and distribution

operations from three locations in Kingston and St

Andrew, Jamaica. CEO Lorna directly oversees the

Finance and Accounting and Publishing Departments

from her base at 17 Ruthven Road, Kingston 10. GM

Candice, also located at 17 Ruthven Road, has oversight

responsibility for the Marketing, Human Resources and

Information Technology Departments. GM Jason, who

is based at 37 Second Street, Newport West, oversees

the Distribution Logistics and Facilities and Operations

Departments. Our Internal Audit Unit reports directly to

the Board of Directors.

In addition to our own educational and cultural

publishing at the early childhood, primary, secondary

and post-secondary levels, Carlong provides exclusive

distribution services in Jamaica for Hodder Education

(which, in 2015, acquired the former Pearson Education,

Longman, Ginn, and Rigby publications).

As a pioneering indigenous Caribbean publishing

company, Carlong has given dynamic leadership to

the development of the book industry in the region.

Carlong’s Chairperson Shirley Carby was the founding

President of the Book Industry Association of Jamaica

(BIAJ) in 1989. This unique umbrella organization

serves all sectors of the industry in joint development

initiatives, improved standards of service to the public

and a joint lobby on issues affecting the industry.

Shirley Carby also pioneered, on behalf of the BIAJ, the

establishment of the Jamaican Copyright Licensing

Agency (JAMCOPY), a collective management agency for

reproduction rights in text and image-based works. As

Founding Chairperson of JAMCOPY, Mrs Carby assisted

in setting up similar agencies in Trinidad, Barbados,

the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States and

Belize. JAMCOPY also spearheaded the formation of the

JamaicanWriters Association (JaWS) and collaborated

with them in initiating the

Lignum Vitae Writing Awards


Carlong is ever conscious of its role as both a

commercial and a cultural enterprise. We discover and

train authors and other industry professionals, expand

the skills and knowledge base of Caribbean societies

and record their heritage for dissemination within and

beyond their shores. We work with other partners in the

education process to promote literacy and the reading

habit across the Caribbean region, and to build identity

awareness and cultural confidence in the Caribbean’s

unique contribution to the global community.

IntroducingTeam Carlong

Finance &Accounting


inancial Controller

Esther McDonald


this department from offices at 37 Second Street,

Newport West where budgets are co-ordinated,

financial resources allocated and monitored, and

financial reports and statements generated for all

departments, shareholders and government.

Internal Audit


ur Internal Audit team, headed by

Camelle Ricketts


, is based at 37 Second Street. The team

evaluates business processes and operations in all

departments and recommends improvements to add


From left:

M. Graham, D. Francis, E. McDonald, P. Nevers, A. Dixon

Finance & Accounting

Internal Audit Unit

From left:

P. Lyons, C. Ricketts Moore, S. Moodie



Committed to the development of quality

educational and cultural publications

for the advancement of the people of the Caribbean region and for the

dissemination of Caribbean culture and traditions

to the global community.



ed by Publishing Manager



, our Publishing

Department has been intensifying its

multimedia development programme to

meet the needs for e-learning materials

in Caribbean schools. A variety of

approaches is being utilized including

partnerships with external platform

providers. You can be assured of the

same high quality of editorial direction,

curriculum focus and contextual relevance

that has earned your preference for the

Carlong brand.

From left:

D. Callam, R. Lewis Stone, D. Clayton, A. Small Brown, N. McFarlane, J. Bramwell,

A. Williams, F. Edwards,


: S. Bennett


Human Resource Management


nder the leadership of

Sharon Hermitt

, this department provides the

critical function of mobilizing staff in all departments to high levels

of performance and productivity, through effective recruitment strategies,

ongoing performance management, relevant training and development

programmes and attractive incentives and rewards.

From left:

S. Hermitt, J. Ewart

Human Resource



ur dynamic marketing team, headed by Marketing


Vinton Samms

, is in constant touch with

the market via personal visits, product launches, seminars

and workshops, as well as media advertising to ensure

our publications are widely known and adopted. With the

acquisition of the IRP publications our Export

Development Manager

Bernadene Blake-McCalla

now has

a wider product range to generate further growth in the

export market.

We invite you to visit our showroom at Building 3, 17

Ruthven Road to see the full range of Carlong publications.

You can view them as well on our website at

where a wealth of information

awaits you.

From left:

D. Shorter, B. McCalla, O. Edwards, N. Bromfield


: V. Samms