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Partners in the education process


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Mervyn C. Sandy

, PhD – retired as principal of Tranquility

Secondary School in Trinidad and now works as an education

consultant. He has had many years of experience as an

examiner in regional examinations.

Cherrell Shelley-Robinson,

PhD – is a former senior lecturer

in the Department of Library and Information Studies, UWI,

Mona. An expert on Caribbean children’s literature, she is an

established author who has written extensively for children’s

radio programmes and magazines.

Elizabeth Sherman

– is an experienced educator who was

a former principal of a preparatory school and taught at the

primary level for many years.

Alecia Sawyers

– is a successful teacher with over 25 years’

experience at Vaz Preparatory School.

Hazel Simmons-McDonald

– is the Pro-Vice Chancellor and

Principal of the University of theWest Indies Open Campus.

She writes poetry and fiction as a hobby and has published

works in both genres.

Viviene Smart

– is an experienced lecturer at a teachers’

college in Jamaica, specializing in geography.


Yvonne Solomon-Nelson

– was an experienced teacher at

the preparatory level in both Jamaica and The Bahamas.

Lystra Stephens-James

– is the Dean at Holy Faith Convent,

Couva and a part-time lecturer at School of Higher Education,

Trinidad. She is the co-author of two textbooks, CAPE

Accounting and Principles of Accounts for Caribbean


Elizabeth Stevens

– is a former teacher at the secondary level

in Jamaica.

Thelma Stewart


PhD – was a distinguished home economics

educator who retired as Acting Chief Education Officer with

the MOE, Jamaica. She has written extensively on home

economics and family life education.

Lorna Sue-Ho

– had a distinguished career in science

education. She was Head of the Science Division at Mico

Teachers’ College and also served as a regional examiner for


Godfrey Taylor

– is an accomplished church musician and

former music director at Providence Methodist Church,

Kingston, Jamaica. He has been a church organist since 1973

and has taught music for a number of years.

Wintlett Taylor-Browne

– is an experienced educator who

taught social studies at the high school and college levels.

Marcia Thomas-Powell

– is the principal of Cascade Primary

School and is a curriculum and instruction specialist with over

26 years’ experience at the primary, secondary and tertiary


John Tracey

– lectured at MIND in Kingston, Jamaica for many

years. He taught at the secondary level and is an experienced

examiner of principles of accounts in regional examinations.

Marjorie Vassell

– is a distinguished teacher of geography at

the secondary level and served as Curriculum Development

Officer for social studies in the MOE.

Evelyn ‘Evie’ Vernon,

PhD – lectured at the United Theological

College of theWest Indies. She has served regional bodies as a

consultant in religious education.

June Cezair Wallace

– is a former teacher at the secondary level

who helped to develop Jamaica’s national history curriculum.

She is also a former CXC History examiner.

Valomia Weir

– is an experienced Grade 6 teacher at the

Constant Spring Primary and Junior High School, Jamaica.

Donna Werdenie

– is a graduate of Shortwood Teachers’

College and has been a classroom teacher for over 14 years

with experience at both the early childhood and primary levels.

Jennifer Williams,

PhD – holds a PhD in Spanish and

participated in the process of development of the Caribbean

Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE


) in Spanish.

Sheryl Williams

– heads the Religious Education Department

of Spanish Town High School, Jamaica.

Sonia Williams

– is a former senior lecturer in general science

at Shortwood Teachers’ College, Jamaica and a former

education officer with the MOEYI.

Cynthia Williams-Cooke

– is a mathematics teacher whose

many years of experience span the early childhood to

university levels.

Adlyn Wilson

– was for many years principal of a primary

school in Jamaica.

Don Wilson


PhD – is an educator, researcher and writer, who

is renowned for his expertise in the field of language arts. His

groundbreaking LMW series was used in Jamaican primary

schools for decades. He is a former Director of the School of

Education, UWI, Mona.

Colinnet Wiltshire-Brown

– is a Senior Lecturer in Religious

Education at Shortwood Teachers’ College. Her areas of

specialization include Caribbean Religions.

Allison Wood-Pringle

– is a former principal of Aboukir

Primary School and is an early childhood and primary level



Darcy Wright

– worked formerly with the MOE, Jamaica,

to prepare social studies model units for both primary and

secondary levels.


Ruby Yorke

– was a former Director of the Regional Pre-

School Child Development Centre, UWI, Mona, and an

education officer in charge of early childhood education in

St Lucia.

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– Second Edition, 13

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